Go west young man, that was the cry that echoed in newspapers and magazines throughout the settled eastern United States. Families loaded up the wagon, tied the cow to the back and set off on a nearly impossible mission, to surmount the vast plains and desserts, mountains and rivers, wild animals and wild men, to find themselves in the promised land.

There, there was gold and opportunity, and the hurdle of the effort of the journey, was the only barrier to assimilating the wealth and prosperity that was waiting there. It sprang from the ground as crops, it was found as nuggets in rivers, it was cut from the hard rock of the mountains or the giant forests of redwood. Oroville was named for the gold, a manifestation, perhaps, of the wealth of every kind that the resources of that once beautiful state assured anyone who dared to make the journey. The desperate walked across a continent, assured that beyond the western horizon, one could share in some measure, riches beyond imagination, if only the water held out across the desert, the cold, or heat, or disease, or savages did not steal life along the way.

So was borne a state that would become a leader. California led the way in commerce, communications, cinema, progressive ideas and ideals, and electronics. Now they lead us to the end of our society. Always we could look to California as a testing place for progressive thought. Now we see the place where we are going, again, reflected back to us, magnified by unchecked progression.

This reflection is not a pretty thing. It is a sea of human waste and needles on the sidewalks of San Francisco. It is in the complete failure to govern. It is the very worst of representative government, tempered with political correctness, and the promise of safety. It is the complete collapse of a once-great economy into bankruptcy before our eyes.

California is dying. The promise is gone. It is a failure too large to fix, too sad to comprehend, too relevant to ignore. Progressive thought is a good thing. It is the eventuality of the failure to control the evolution of society that has killed California, that is slowly killing the United States.

No legislative action can address all of the potential frailties of man. America was not founded on the principal of a grand government that could coddle us, protecting us. It was the last place on earth where you could load up your wagon and set off across the desert. It was the last place where you could be free to fail and be only bleached bones in the sand or succeed and become anything imaginable. We were handed this wonderful thing, freedom. We are letting it slip through our fingers.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

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