Cowardice, or Freedom, Never can there be both in a Society

Lately in America there has been a strange change. Americans were once a tough lot. They walked alone into a wilderness and tamed it into a country, a refuge for men who dreamed of freedom. Many of us escaped hunger, need, class suppression, even slavery. We became a special breed; “the Land of the free, the home of the brave”. Over time, things change. We wished for our children to not suffer the hardships that we suffered, we wished for the future to be easier than the past.

Today we are failing to maintain our position as the greatest country in the world. In fact, the singular way that we now excel, is as the country far most able to kill others in the world. Our military costs us more than the cost of any other countries military, in fact more than the next ten largest militaries in the world. We, as a people, pay that price willingly, told that we are buying security.

We should be very secure, indeed. We also pay for the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the DEA, ICE, ATF, Border Patrol, The Coast Guard, the Police, City, County, State, the State National Guard, The TSA, the local Sheriff’s office, the bailiffs in courts, the State Park Police and the Federal Park Police, and so many more police forces that there is not time to list them all. We pay more than any other for the United Nations, a ridiculous attempt to subordinate our sovereignty to world government.

We surrendered our constitutional rights. In return for our freedom, we have allowed laws to be enacted to torture, to hide, to collect all data on every American, and everyone else. We have even allowed a program to kill Americans on American soil by drone strikes. We are stopped and searched on the seas, at our airports, and on the land. We must carry papers to keep ourselves from being imprisoned. We are, in many ways, like Germany was just before WWII. We, like the Germans, standing idly by as the Jews were taken, are cowardly, unwilling to act. Hoping to hide the inevitable coming action.

For the great cost, monetarily and constitutionally spent, are we safer today? Hardly. With these costs, in fact, the world is a less safe place and America is a less safe place and all of this negative change is at our hands. We demonize countries who are different than us. We destabilize countries that harbor raw materials that we desire, still, for the complete upheaval of the once more stable Middle East, have gasoline prices declined? No. The profit and the advantage that we pay for is not for us. It is for others, a special class that manages the entire mess. They are counting their winnings, we are working to pay their bill.

Most probably, we will lose America. It will be another dream that manifested for a while, and then faded into time, like so many great civilizations. It saddens me, but our generation has proved that men cannot justly manage their own government. Ours has been divided and sold off to corruption and oligarchy. Certainly it is the right time to at least ask why. Why was such a valid and honorable idea allowed to decay into what we have become, a country that holds all of the worst attributes of our enemies, as if we learned greed, hatred, and corruption from them and brought it to the next level.

There is but one reason for our failures, a million failures, a billion steps backward. That is cowardice. It is the cowardice that keeps one from standing forward and proclaiming the obvious in the face of corruption. It is the cowardice that allows hate to degrade to torture of enemies. It is the cowardice that took the dollar time and time again for a little bit of what we were, until, at last there was nothing else. America is a sea of them, cowards. We call ourselves otherwise, as all cowards do. Why is our government what it has become? Because it is what we deserve.

In all good there is the seed of bad, as in the yin and the yang. In our Constitutional government there was the possibility of failure, of digression of freedoms. The founding fathers thought of much, so many checks and balances, so many warnings and documents of descriptions, still they never imagined us, Americans who would run and hide from confrontation, cowardly fools who would sell all that matters for another promising to take care of them. Men like Adams and Jefferson put all that they had, or ever would have, on the table at a chance to make the world better for all. They, men who bet life itself for a slim chance of freedom, could never imagine such cowards letting strangers go through their wive’s bags in airports. They faced the Barbary Pirates half a world away and defeated them, only to have their spawn acquiesce to the same force like children.

Thank God that these brave men cannot see us today, in our majestic halls with our inconceivable debt, killing for nothing, torturing, selling the freedoms that they so valiantly won simply out of our pathetic fear.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

Political blogger, construction expert, writer, public speaker, expert witness, sailor, and pilot

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