Repairing the American Dream

The United States of America is shouldered with debt. This is a significant challenge. We are at a time in the evolution of our democracy where change must be made, and the past must be retired to allow the future.

Many wonder if we can find a way. We can. We face deep challenge, yet America has faced hurdles higher, and challenges more severe.

Always, when a course of action results in degradation of the positives, such course must be changed. All of the experiment of democracy is, indeed, such a metamorphosis. Today’s challenges, too, can be overcome.

The debt that we have assumed must be addressed by an increase in the tax base and by a careful level of inflationary change. I feel that a GDP of 7% to 9% with the relative inflation rate of 4% would retire the debt and allow for the continued evolution of our great Republic, and, indeed all mankind. I believe that tax base escalation must be a result of increased income and not additional burden.

The challenge is how to so significantly grow the GDP. Things that hold the GDP down (1.9% recently, honestly more like .9%) include over-regulation, a lack of escalation of real estate valuations, and the horrible shape of our national infrastructure. Together, this is an insurmountable headwind.

We must develop a plan and make a committment to bring our infrastructure up to the highest standards. Our nation cannot grow at the needed rates to address the debt that we accrued without a completely developed and updated infrastructure of electrical transmission, roadways, pipelines, bridges, and dams.

We must develop a reasonable and realistic energy platform for the nation to develop energy in excess of need. Energy breeds business and industry. A lack of available energy strangles business. Some components of such a plan should include public/private partnership gen. and co-gen. plants, renewables, storage, including pumped storage, and more hydroelectric facilities with modern dams and fish passages. Many opportunities exist for the privatization of elements of infrastructure to minimize the management of this by government bureaucracy and return all possible elements of the infrastructure to private hands with balanced and proper oversight and regulation.

Nuclear energy must be a part of the whole, with new engineering to maximize safety of generation, containment, and disposal. We have much science and engineering to find a way to assure public and environmental safety. These will include metal cooling of reactor cores, isolation and armoring of reactors, and fail-safe lockouts and provisions for autonomously “killing” the reaction by interrupting critical mass. We must develop further methods of refining spent fuel to maximize its usefulness to react and to minimize the remaining net waste.

Real estate must be allowed to appreciate with a¬†balance of regulation, control, and a free market. Failures of the market are, clearly, failures of regulation and legislation. We must regulate from the “middle of the road,” and not be pulled from market-driven equitable methods.

Finally, we, as a nation of men, must remind ourselves of who we are. We stand for something on the world stage. We have drifted from this important understanding. America is representative of the free expression of free men, of industry, and government driven by freedom of speech, enterprise, and trade. We need not be the police of the world. We must never abandon the promise of our culture, the realization of freedom to manifest in equity for all. We must stand, again, as brothers, Americans, men and women who lead not by party affiliation, nor leaning, but always seeking the best course for all of us to travel together into a better future for those who follow, that they may one day read about our generation that we set aside differences for the betterment of our nation and of the world.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

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