Sunshine and Lollypops !

My writing is too dark. Many have told me so. It is not a projection of a person who is filled with negativity, quite the contrary. I am filled with wonder. I am filled with hope. Those of us who wish for a better world look for problems so that they may be, at last, addressed.

I will not write of concerns today. I will not worry you with the state of the world, of politics, of failures of nations. Today I write of beauty, of love, and of wonder.

We are wonderful creatures. We live on a planet, around a star, in a solar system. We enjoy a few senses that allow us to understand much of the universe that surrounds us. There is much that we need, yet to learn, still, we understand so very much. Most of this knowledge has been built within only a few hundred years. Some in a few thousand. That is but a blink of the eye.

Imagine life. It is magical. We are but animals who crawl on the surface of a tiny planet. Somehow, we developed, over time the ability to sense a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our eyes allowed us, as a species, to sense things that we could not touch. We can see the far off mountains, the trees, the green oasis. We saw a distant point of light in the night sky, and we wondered.

We began to understand our earth, our atmosphere, we, through need to navigate, found that our world was round and that the objects in the sky moved in pathways at intervals. Each development of man had a secondary benefit, the development of mankind. Many men contributed a point of knowledge and understanding, all benefited. So, there are two entities at work, the person, and our collective “people”.

Life is truly a miracle. The sunshine, the clouds, the rain. I ride my motorcycle, I sail my boat, I fly my airplane – it all is beyond wonder. Man has done so much good. Man has learned so much. Sure, we have failed. Sure we still kill, and hate, and fail to understand, yet, so much is great, so much is good, so much is beautiful.

Sometimes people think that, perhaps, I fail to see the wonder that surrounds us, as I look at the details of government, physics, and construction, my loves. No. I find wonder in the tiny edges of physics, in the migration of water through the soils, in the successes and the failures of men to find enlightenment in governance.

It all fills me with wonder, Magnetism and gravity, the transmission of light through the ether of space. The wonder of a massive structure fills me with awe. I love to visit ports and to look up the great walls of steel of the wonderful ships. How can man build such structures? Wonder and appreciation are important. I wish never to lose that. Still, I am haunted by a need, a need to be more than a person who came, and went. I wish to offer some grain of import, of thought or understanding to feed the minds of tomorrow, perhaps to contribute to the greatest thing in this great world, the collective consciousness of mankind.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

Political blogger, construction expert, writer, public speaker, expert witness, sailor, and pilot

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