The Great New World Order


The Great United States of America is fading from the world stage, giving itself over to a greater entity. We no longer will be alone, stuck, cloistered in our nation. We will soon become a part of a “New World Order,” where we shall be a part of a grand scheme to manage every element of personal choice by our new world government.

We will have to give up some advantages for the betterment of the entirety. The United Nations, or some other well-named entity, will control our land and our food and our selves. It will control our breeding, the “party” will tell us what we may do in our homes. We will be policed and watched. Our neighbors will be rewarded if they turn us in for our transgressions.

It will be a more equitable world. Workers of Mexico City live in cardboard and tin shacks outside of the city. Americans live in clean beautiful homes, drive cars and eat well. Soon all of this will be fair, and it shall be the Americans, too, living in tin shacks.

At last, we will be competitive with third world countries. At last we will no longer feel badly about the lot of the poor of Africa, Central America, the Middle East. We will share their despair and their want. We, too, will suffer from curable disease. We too, will be used in every way by a superior ruling class, who shall treat us as less than dogs. At last, we will have made all equal and all equitable, not by picking up our brothers, but by handing over the greatest democracies to a totalitarian regime, who will rule all of us, and all of the world.

You may think me a conspiracy theorist. I may be one. If one believes that “they” are after you, you are paranoid. If they are, indeed, after you, are you somehow less paranoid? No, you are paranoid, still, you are just right. This is thus. The signs are everywhere. The documents are written, they have been voted on and adopted, not by our Congress, but by a United Nations which in no way represents the people of the United States, but theoretically the people of the world. In actuality, it represents only a small elite.

Without our consent or our understanding, our future has been passed off to this poorly defined entity by those who we trusted with our nation. The United Nations is not in existence to improve the world nor to help the people of our nation. It pretends to wish to protect the global environment but in actuality it exists to exact control over our lives – all of us – the world.

One day we will look back on these times when we fought one another and when we hated each other for the color of our skin, or our nationality, or our religion. One day we shall be equal at last. All of the enslaved are equal. Perhaps we will look out of the windows of our cells, or government housing, and wonder why we failed to help our fellow men when we were the advantaged.

Agenda 21 explains the use of environmental causes to move the populations of the earth into cloistered urban areas. Sovereignty of nations will soon be a thing of the past. So much will change, yet it will be a better world. It will be completely controlled and all will be fine for the new elite class. We and our children will serve willingly or perish, for this is the cost of our failure to maintain our freedom.

The people of the United States never were asked for our acceptance of the rule of The United Nations. Like the failing European Union, we have subordinated our sovereignty to the will of an international commission. None of it is constitutionally appropriate. None of it is a legal subordination of our governance. The United States must withdraw from the United Nations and we must, again, run the machine of our nation for the benefit of the people who are the constituency of our nation and our government.

You may wonder if such a thing is possible. It is happening. It has happened. If you believe that you can ignore our democracy, that you can live your life and not bother with such things, someone will pay attention. They are. They have been. There are men who care not for democracy. They care not for equity and for honor.

Some, who now think themselves elite, serve this effort. They build the structure, they do the dirty work. They believe that they will, one day, be our superiors. They shall share our cells. Stripped of their money, they will find that they, too, were never of the ruling class. They will be outcasts from the elite and from the serfs. Such fools!

It was once said, long ago in Philadelphia by a band of rebels who formed this great land, that one day we would have to fight to keep our democracy. I see the battle on the horizon. It is not so clearly defined as others. It is insidious and deeply planned. It is the greatest threat to the loss of a valuable way of life and a great nation. It will not be taken, if it is to be taken, by bayonet or rifle, mortar or bomb. It will be handed over, crumb by crumb, scrap by scrap, until there is nothing left. We will give it away out of fear and out of a misguided attempt to appease those who would take. We have given so much already, yet things have not improved, nor shall they. For never is freedom won by subordination, nor compromise. Always freedom is won through confrontation, too often it is paid for with blood, yet, even that is not too great a price.

Those who plan to rule believe that they are superior. They believe that they are entitled. In order for them to, at last, mount their throne, you must submit. The plan is being executed. You lose because you had so much, because your father worked hard and built, and saved, and paid his taxes. They will redistribute your wealth to make it equal, but they will not redistribute their wealth. They shall rule the world as you submit to them. With each submission their strength grows. It is our children who will serve those who control the New World Order. They will learn to serve.

The evolution of this plan is not new. This has been evolving for a very long time. Always, there has been good and bad. Always there is the Yin offset by the Yang. Always one entity sets out to rule the world. Always they fail. Perhaps we are not the men our fathers were. Perhaps, this time they shall succeed.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

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