The Greatest Problem

Infrastructure, failing government, insurgence of refugees, religious wars, pollution, starvation, all of it a singular problem. No, too easy, you may reply, yet it is not. All of the ills that we face imminent and insidious erosions of quality of life have but one common component.

Our world is a finite globe. We have now populated it completely. For many years, as men grew, we expanded. We never outgrew our need to hate nor our need to kill, still, when living under a king or a government that was intolerable, we fled. We fled to “the new world”. There were many new worlds. At times we had to kill those who did not see it as our new world, yet they existed. Populations left, populations stayed, it all expanded, there would never be an end to the land, to the wealth, to the space.

We have found the end. We are upon it. At last, we face a decision that must be made, consensus that must be found, yet, time and time again we demonstrate our interest in conflict, and our disinterest in communication. Communication and conflict are polarities. Understanding springs from communication. War springs from conflict. Always conflict kills communication or communication kills conflict. They cannot exist together.

We have reached a point where the continuance of the building of population will decrease the quality of life of all of mankind. This is a harsh reality and it is one of many facets. Such a reality has elements of religion and of politics. It requires the revisions of thought and of action. It requires the acceptance of things that were once sacred. Still, we must have the discussion. It is a discussion of if we wish for our children to have a good life, or if we want more children who shall have a lesser existence. To exacerbate the realities of how we are addressing the most serious issue of our times (that is by not addressing it) the least able to provide for children are those who are having the most children.

I believe it to be an issue of education, first, and of proper government secondarily. Politicians wish not to engage in issues which necessitate dispute by some who are feverishly centered on a specify point of argument. Still, it is what we hire them to do. It is their job, but more than that, it is their place to make the world a better place for our children. Is that not what those in politics truly wish to accomplish?

Action must be taken, and it shall be taken. Men exist who can and will deal with the population crisis. Plans have been drawn and the unthinkable has been considered. Always, when men, through weakness fail to act, nonetheless, action will be taken. We can control population by controlling birth rates. We can control population by killing. War, famine, and disease.

All of it is hard. It will be difficult to get religious groups to change long held beliefs and to recognize the realities that we face, Still it is a necessary and honorable thing. If we fail, others will step forward to cull the masses, and I, at least, am sick of war and sick of killing, and sick of starvation, and need. I am sick of drug dependency and of illness. Mankind must find a way forward to control the manifestation of his success as a species.

We should look to our government to lead such a difficult charge, but they are sick and crippled with corruption and bureaucracy. Even in the face of such serious consequence, some will fight for their issues, contrary to the interest of the whole. Still, the thoughts must be thought and the actions must be taken. I do not want nor do I advocate the controls sought under the U.N. Agenda 21. I believe them to be improper and poorly considered and I believe that our race will suffer if such actions are undertaken. The people of the world must be a part of the discussion of our collective future. This is no place for oligarchy nor class discrimination. If you allow your brothers to die from your complacency, or if you execute them, you are no less their murderer.

We are in this thing together and nations and the world need to discuss and consider actions and consequences, not in cloistered meeting in secret halls, nor in the United Nations, but within the framework of our sovereign nations and their governments. Secret societies and the elite have not been handed the reigns of our world, nor shall they. This is a decision for us all, and we all shall be a part of it.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

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