Trump’s rise to the Presidency may inspire “outsiders”​ to politics

I believe that the rise of an outsider to politics to the grandest seat in our nation may mark the beginning of a sea-change in the structure of politics in this country. There was a time when business men and educators, the self taught and farmer, steered this nation. Those were great times – times of hope and promise.

Somewhere along the way, we lost our guiding documents, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, they have been subordinated to a fashionable agenda, one wrought of singular issues or need to compensate those who paid so much for access. Bills have disassociated issues added to placate, or to buy the vote of one who would sell such a thing for a promise or a favor. Politicians became negotiators not of consensus but of the money needed to win, promising favor unapologetically, promising access absolutely.

Many hurdles on the road to the Presidency have been shattered in recent years. In my lifetime, a Catholic, a black man, and an outsider to politics has taken the grand office. All of those hurdles to entry were important progressions along the way to the place that this great nation must hold. In many ways, we are closer that we have ever been to being the nation that we profess to be.

We are at a place with many severe and difficult issues facing our nation. I believe that the issues that we face are best addressed by lawmakers who are drawn to service from our society, as the founders were, and believed. I believe that, as a whole, the career politician, the lawyer politician, the one-issue politician should never be, and should never be again, if we are to restore the freedoms that our Bill of Rights guarantee.

As President Obama proved that every african-american child can rise to the greatest office in our nation, President-elect Trump has proved that a life in politics is not a requirement to capture America’s highest office. I hope that many great men, seeing his action, will be compelled to act as he acted, and dedicate some of their life to serve this great nation, as we correct the errors of the past and put our great republic back together for the benefit of our children’s children.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

Political blogger, construction expert, writer, public speaker, expert witness, sailor, and pilot

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