Mr Weiner’s Curious “Life Insurance” File

Recently, there have been some shocking (or not so shocking) revelations about the beloved Mr. Weiner and his obsession with conveying information about his private parts.

The FBI has uncovered some of his wife’s, (Huma Abedin, a lady with uncommon connections and associations) Emails with her associate. Hillary Clinton and others on Mr. Weiner’s personal laptop. Of course, Mr. Weiner’s laptop is normally used only for personal work -( you know, normal things that everyone does, like sexting with juveniles, and transmitting photos of our privates.)

There is so much that is shocking about every facet of this story that it becomes hard to find some element that stands out from the absurdity of the whole damned mess.

Well, here it is! The file that held these Emails was named “Life Insurance” Perhaps this was mis-filed, maybe it was a life insurance file that Mr. Weiner put these thousands of documents into by accident – but – I rather doubt that.

No, I think that the name of the folder tells as much as the contents are about to reveal – I think that Anthony felt that this information might just save him from driving off the road late one night, or falling down the stairs, or becoming despondent and shooting himself in the head (three times).

One thing for sure, It will be no shock when, as President Obama retires his office, Hillary is pardoned for the entirety of her actions – My, oh my, what ever have we become?

Scott Cahill

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