The Democrats have been handed a great opportunity. Will they blow it?

A historical event has happened in our country. Donald Trump shall be our next President. Perhaps, just perhaps, we will find a way to leave behind the failed system that had resulted in gridlock and a complete failure of consensus. Perhaps we will take this opportunity to, at last, show the great people of this nation, that we have not forgotten what our founding fathers put their lives and livelihood on the line to produce and to protect. Then, too, we may just continue to fail miserably.

The DNC has witness an overthrow of the status quo. They have seen the least likely candidate beat out a field of seventeen competent competitors and win the Republican nomination, then to beat the “chosen one” of the DNC soundly. All of this was done with no political background nor experience.

Now, we stand ready to usher in a new time in American politics. Such a grand opportunity for each party to reform itself to comply with the desires of their constituency. Trump, for all of his stumbling, is mending fences, coordinating allies, and bringing the previously fractured RNC back whole again.

Throughout the election cycle, the DNC has stood by its guns. They have refused to budge on platform or on candidate. They looked at the obvious and simply denied it. The failure was grand. Now, with the history written, the cards on the table, they could enter a new realm, showing their leadership to support the stance of the populous. They could draft health care reform and have it on the floor before the RNC. They could, at last draft tort reform and pass it up. They could draft legislation on election reform, even term limits, and slam the document on the desks of the RNC.

If they did, all of this legislation would be driving the force of the new reality that America is about to see. The DNC and Democrats would be seen as the “doers” and the Republicans would follow, unable to vote against the reforms that they had touted, and finding their sponsorships on the second and third lines. The Democratic party would flourish. It would become the Party of the people.

None of this will happen. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks and the DNC has played the part of the old dog well and long. With Trump, dynamic and strong, at the helm, the Republicans will address these issues against the constant resistance, filibuster, and rejection of the DNC.

The people of this nation will see this resistance as the manifestation of the problems of government, and the DNC will wither in strength over the coming years, resulting in a one-sided government. Some may say that this is wonderful news. It is not. With the lack of a balancing point of view, again, a few who will hold the power, again, will be influenced by a very few, and the whole lot will fail.

Democracy requires a balance of thought and of effort. If everyone supports and no one resists, there cannot be open discussion, debate, consensus. Instead the lot goes to the powerful, a speaker or President who becomes, effectively, a dictator, handing down doctrine to the masses.

Trump and Ivanka – ABC News

Even now, on the eve of a new era, They attack Trump, even threatening impeachment before he takes office. They demand he divest himself of his wealth. They make unsupported statements, through the President, that Russia is ultimately responsible for Hillary’s failed campaign. They deny reality in the face of reality. They deny the wishes of the people of this great country in the face of the obvious. It saddens me to watch.

I do not wish for an America where Republicans or the Democrats “win”. I dream of and America where every single child, whether white, black, red, or yellow, whether Christian or Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu, has the freedom to speak and be heard. Where each of these children has the right to love as they wish, and to think as they wish, to pursue their life, liberty and happiness unimpeded by a government that has run amuck. I dream of a republic where each of these children may grow and flourish, and each has an avenue available to their success, whatever they may see that to be. That, my friends, is the America that I wish for.

Scott Cahill

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