The Difficult Defense of Donald Trump

Mr. Trump has a difficult problem. Unlike so many politicians who were groomed from birth by their fathers for a run for office, carefully stepping out of bad decisions, buying off women from their youth, and lying about their faults and transgressions, Mr. Trump was groomed to be a developer and a contractor. His father understood what was required of his son, if he was to take the Trump family to the promised land (Manhattan). He had to be tough, he had to be hard, and he had to fight for every win tenaciously. If Donald’s successful father would look, today, at what his son has become, he would be filled with pride. Donald is a winner and he makes no apologies for tenaciously seeking perfection.

Donald Trump, as is true of many great men, is not satisfied. Penthouses, massive jets, and untold wealth are not enough for such a great man. He seeks the next great hurdle to surmount. He seeks the problem to be solved, the distressed company to revive. He has found it in our failing nation.

Recently he was exposed, on an open mic, commenting on his James Bond-like appeal and zest for the fairer sex. Ouch! How horrible! How humiliating! How disgusting! It was ten years ago and it was, he believed, a private conversation, none the less, it is damming and it plays clearly into the hands of those who paint him a misogynist. In these days, though, such transgression are not forgotten, lost in the fog of time.

Crisp and clear as new, the words between friends, spoken in confidence, are cast forth at the perfect time to maximize the harm that they produce. I do not defend Mr. Trump. His words are horrible. They are not defensible.

After a sea of men, groomed from birth to be leaders, taking the prize for a lifetime of effort, never making a mistake, certainly never admitting one. They have run our country for decades. They have run it into the ground.

J.F.K. was an imperfect man. We all know of his transgressions. Martin Luther King plagiarized a paper in college, Benjamin Franklin published a manuscript given him in confidence in England, Thomas Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal…” while occasionally and casually raping Sally Hemings. Great leaders are not perfect men. Often it is the mistakes of a lifetime that make the man who is ready to lead.

Without self-incrimination, I will put forward my own failings in the understanding of women. This is offered, not for men, they already understand, it is offered to ladies who are, at this point, flabbergasted at the horrible and indefensible remarks. Women must, first, understand one universal truth. That is this; we men do not have any idea of what to do to secure your favor, even, often, to communicate with you. We wish to be seen as controlling our destiny, yet with women and love, we are impotent. We brag, we exaggerate, and we embellish to offset our inadequacy.

When I was a younger man, I looked to a fictitious idol, one who was unafraid, one who could talk to women – aggressively, unapologetically, successfully. He was Bond, James Bond. He was my hero, he was suave, he was dignified, he was handsome. He also was an incredible male chauvinist pig. He would grab a beauty by her arm and throw her onto a bed and kiss her – she would pull away, fight his advance, but then, inevitably, give in and fall helplessly in love in an instant. Oh yes, one more thing, he was fictional.

Men are confronted by such diverse messages. We are at a loss. How do we, in this oddly manifested arena of sex and love, express ourselves? How do we ever find a mate? How do we ever get noticed. We are born with the need for you women. It burns within us, undying. We rarely get it right, and when we do, it is unable to be duplicated.

I have tried and failed many times to understand. I finally grew to love. I was taught by a skinny girl who, apparently, took pity on me. She taught me things that had escaped me for so very long. I did not, and I do not deserve her love, but she gives it anyway, to one so imperfect as me.

I hope that Donald has found this, too, by now, with his beautiful and brilliant wife. As for our transgressions before our enlightenment, I simply ask for kind forgiveness. It takes some of us a long time to figure such things out.

Mr. Trump knew what he was getting into. He knew what the cost was for doing what must be done. I am sorry today for his wife and his kids. They love him and that will never change, still, the status quo will not be thrown from their throne without a fight and there are no rules. I am happy that some of my words have faded into obscurity. Mr. Trump, I am sorry, but this is the cost of caring.

Imagine if your words from decades ago were scrutinized, could not your detractors find some nugget of failure in your communication to throw in the path of your success? The things that make me support Donald Trump are as true today as they were months ago. He is unchanged. If you wish for a “perfect person”, one groomed for the position from birth, one controlled and controllable and protected by the media, you wish for something different for our country than I do.

I will take Trump, warts and all, over any man or woman in this race. I am not happy with the remarks, but they are a reflection of the imperfection of us all. He showed the kind of man who he is, when he owned them and apologized. There is nothing else to do.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

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