The Republicrat

My friends used to call me a Republicrat. I identify as a republican, but I have some views that seem democratic.

I feel that this position is very reasonable and should be much more prevalent than it is. I am a guy who would love to see Donald Trump for President and Tim Kaine for Vice President. I hold a conservative position on fiscal things, yet I feel that a society has a responsibility to help those in need.

Governor Kasich, (Rep. Ohio) said it best in a talk he gave to a small gathering on the lawn of the Spread Eagle Tavern last summer when he said (paraphrased) “If we build the finest nation in the world, yet we fail to take care of those who are most in need, to what end?”

Indeed the reason for democracy itself, is to form a governmental structure that is equitable across all classes of society. All should have a voice, all should contribute, and all should share in the challenges.

Of course, this has become bastardized by some who wish to “buy” votes from the most simple classes to so persuade – the upper, and the lower. Most of us are, like me, are stuck in the middle. The middle is much larger in money and influence, yet has almost no representation in our current political environment.

Many brilliant minds have seen this evolution of polarization as inevitable. (see my writing       “The Iron Law of Oligarchy” ) I do not. The drafters of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights saw this mess coming, and did their best to forestall the failure. Time will tell if we can survive as a nation, and as a concept of representative democatic republic.

The Democrats held the keys. They proved themselves to be driven to extremes. Now, we, the Republicans have been handed a magnificent mandate. Let us not be spiteful and extreme. Let us not be punitive. Let us seek consensus and bring this grand nation back, not by forceful mandate, but by considered cooperative effort.

Let us all look with an open mind at what best serves the whole, and act positively in this magnificent reconstruction. Let us not allow the pendulum to swing so wildly that it impedes that magnificent right of all Americans – “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

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