President Trump and Vice President Kasich

Donald Trump is winning. He is winning big. He beat the political insiders, Cruz and Rubio soundly, and the Party is scared.

Super Tuesday may well seal the deal, but for the Republican machine, any amount of money or manipulation must be spent to stop this out-of control (not controlled) outsider from stealing the great prize from those who waited in line, did the bidding of the party, and waited patiently for their time.

To them, he is a bully, who pushed into line ahead of others and there is much worry that he will not maintain the status quo. (He will not.)

I owe it to myself to say, I saw this coming. (see My Take on the Republican Debate) It was inevitable. Now, we wait for the evolution to play out and for Trump to (hopefully) chose Kasich as his running mate.

How did we get here?  The Republicans, prodded by tea party type factions, became more and more disassociated with the populous. They lost their touch. They cheered each other at rallies, and they cheered themselves as they shut down and stalled every effort of their opposition. They put forth a candidate who disbelieved evolution!  They would have marginalized themselves into obscurity, but they were fortunate to have an opponent producing a mirrored image of their failure.

Trump is not an attractive candidate. His self-promotion is distasteful, his flamboyance and his wealth are alienating. Only in an environment such as this could he have a chance. He speaks candidly, while others read prepared statements. He stands his ground, even when he makes a mistake. He never apologizes. He acts like a president. He has power because he assumes power.

Kasich, now there is a great man. He is checked. He is tested. He is serious, and his experience is deep and appropriate to the environment that we now face. Where, then is he lacking? He is lacking in a message. I know; “I wrote the last balanced federal budget” “I cut spending in Ohio and saved the state Billions” etc. etc. etc. and, he is right. He is the most fully qualified of the candidates, yet he is finishing last. His failure is in his lack of a simple statement of purpose.

I have heard Kasich speak a few times. At each of these events, even spending much to attend, I was kept from the candidate.  I was even asked to leave one opulent residence by the servants entrance so that I would not interrupt as they lunched with the Governor. Now, you lose the support of my beloved wife when you ask her to leave by the servant’s entrance.

The message that would have gained him the White House I could have written on a napkin in five minutes. It is this;

“The mechanics of government are complex and hard to learn. Flamboyance, nor piety can yield consensus. Only hard political work and selfless compromise can move this nation forward to resolve the reforms of tort and campaign finance. It will take a proven, well know politician to effect, successfully, this effort”

Kasich is a great guy and a fine politician (politician used as a good thing) I hope that Trump asks him, and I hope that he accepts to be his running mate. Trump absolutely needs Kasich to manipulate the complex workings of government. Without such a man, he will find life within the beltway intolerable.

Kasich is a balanced and considered servant of the people of Ohio. He is highly regarded in a state that is important to the progression of a presidential campaign.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

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