A lesson in managing people

Recently, the Salem Ohio Community Theatre performed a comedy roast and skits in Courtyard Square.

I often go to see the shows at our beautiful historical theatre in our city. They are professional and of very high quality and, indeed the theatre and it’s company are a grand asset of this wonderful city.

Dan Haueter was the Director, and managed a dozen or so unpaid and over-talented actors who, in two weeks put together a show that sold out and changed the entertainment direction of a city.

I am a manager of people. Most of my time has been spent in turn-arounds. I am known for being candid and absolute. I am not known for compassion nor for kindness. I am, perhaps a bit of a dinosaur, a remnant of the days of “If it ain’t broken – break it”.

Dan is very different. He never raised his voice. He never got upset. His management style was gentle and forgiving. The cast love him and I have grown to be yet another of his advocates. His demeanor and his success have caused me to reflect on myself and my methods.

“There is no greater friend than one who teaches you to be a better person” That quote is from me. I have had a few great men who have stopped to help me along the way. First my father, great bosses, great clients, and great employees, and I took what I felt was the best that they offered and I made it my own.

Now, I am confronted with another friend who has shown me that, perhaps it is time to look at myself and assess my style in light of the changed environment of management and to learn from Mr. Haueter’s gentle management style.

Scott Cahill

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