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The political arena of our country, from city councils to the presidency is a complex machine that sets the course for our country’s future. It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to understand. It seems immobile and beyond our reach. At times it seems corrupt, and, in fact, sometimes it is.

Still, it is real and it is significant to your business and its future. Many of us wade in to the political fray, unprepared and flounder and leave. We are appalled by the lack of caring, by the wholesale rejection of our ideas, of the soulless churning of such a machine. We become defeated and we sit on the sidelines and try not to notice the things that are happening around us.

It is the difficulty and the cost of participation that keeps the gate to the machine. You must push past the pain to gain entrance. Some buy their way in, some gain a foothold through their sweat equity to campaigns and to parties. A few are given access as a birthright. For most of us, the top of the bleachers will be our vantage point.

Still, we matter greatly – and not for our vote – that is, unfortunately, a secondary reality – it is for our word or two, our one issue, well placed our one thing that we can inject into the mechanism that may, just possibly, churn out of the other side of the evolution.

The game is separate from the players and at times the words of the politician sound like the words of a marionette, emanating from behind the black curtain. Indeed, if you come to know the person on the stage, you may see, in their words true separation of the politician and the person. I have seen friends give speeches professing ideals that are completely diverse from their actual beliefs. That is the cost of entrance that they must pay.

How, then, can we bend the machine of politics to serve us and our business? First and foremost we must ask ourselves “is my desire universally advantageous”. If it is not, the effort is without honor and, the machine has a horrible way of spitting out the best laid plans of those who attempt to manipulate for simple gain. (no – not always but usually).

Second, we must ask ourselves if the change is supportable by many who will act to make it an issue. Many issues fall in the fodder that collects under the workings because no one showed up to stand before the great machine and to show themselves. This, too is a gatekeeper to the great machine. It chews on only the germ of the kernel, leaving the chaff to fall into the dirt and drippings beneath the workings.

Last, and most importantly, are we willing to pay the cost in sweat and blood that it takes to stand, naked before the great machine and introduce our thought? It is a heartless, huge, intimidating machine wrought of cold steel with the force of millions driving its gears. Do you dare to confront it and to risk so much for so long to do that thing that you wish? If not – better stay clear of the workings.

A business needs politics and politicians need business. It is a partnership like that of the frog and the scorpion. Feelings and more will be hurt. Money will fall to waste. Well laid plans will evaporate, yet, you must play. Failure and frustration are the cost of admission. Money is only a chip, and everything is in flux with nothing under control and nothing absolute.

If you are lucky enough to find a good person who you believe in, support his campaign. Give time if not money. Be and stay involved. Forget the things that don’t work out and work hard to support the things that really matter. It may be a painful process, but politics drive our nation and business deserves a place at the table.

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

Political blogger, construction expert, writer, public speaker, expert witness, sailor, and pilot

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