A conversation with God

I have a particular friend who is a brilliant engineer. He was raised by missionary parents in India. He is a theologian with a deep understanding of most religions. His time in India influenced him to a Jainism-like Christianity. He enjoyed the discussions of the evolution of one self, through self-reflection progressing toward selfless perfection of the “soul”. He seemed, to me, as one who would soon reach enlightenment. He surely was on his last life, perhaps a demi-God, soon to be in Siddhasila, the abode of liberated beings.

We used to talk for hours. I learned from his quiet adssuredness. He never judged another. To him, all was interesting, nothing was beyond our discussion. He listened and he offered. He never criticized. He commanded my attention through his considered statements and his quiet listening.

God, whatever you perceive him (her) to be, must be kind. The “fear of God”, itself seems unreasonable. If one believes that there is a God and one believes that he is all-knowing, then would kindness not be certain for such a creature? Have you ever truly “known” another who you did not love? Is not the understanding of another the only requirement to love that person?

Those who “obey” the laws of men, purposed as the command of God, himself, must be awfully uncomfortable. If one feels that he is balancing on a pin head, one “improper” thought or utterance certainly casting him into the depths of hell for eternity!  That is a terrible thing.



Can man conceive of such a heartless and unkind

creature? If he does, how could he follow such

teachings? Does Mohammad send men to be

martyrs or are men just distorting beautiful

thoughts to serve their evil intent?




God, if he exists, must be a great guy. I, personally do not picture him sitting on a golden throne. I picture him fishing. You see, I have figured this thing out. “Our father, with Art, in Heaven, Harold be thy name” You must surely see by now! It is two old men, Art and Harold.

Harold is the big cheese, Art is his sidekick. Harold deals with the intricacies of the world, Art handles your prayers for your grandson’s soccer match. When the little tyke loses, Art was probably fishing. It is ok when they are fishing. We are mortals, and all of this bellyaching and crying must be awful when they are trying to catch a nap. Al might say “Gee, Harold, don’t they understand they are all going to die soon anyway?”

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever! Just be good, be kind, be considerate of others and God, be he Poseidon or Mohamed, whatever one might call him, if he does exist, he will understand. If he doesn’t – well we’ll be dead – so at least we will have been kind to each other while we lived and that is a very good thing.

Scott Cahill