Donald Trump is a Conspiracy Theorist !!!

Trump has aligned himself with the fringe of media. He consorts with talk show hosts and he threatens Jeb Bush with a look, after bringing up painful secrets in a debate. It is not at all presidential to believe in conspiracy.

The main-stream media paints him as a misogynist. They point out his bigotry toward Hispanics and Blacks. They go far out of their way to find fault where none exists. Any thinking man can see the obvious bias of them toward him. Why is this so?



President Obama doesn’t believe in conspiracy,

even after he was handed a war built on a false

pretense. He, instead, moved forward going after

the single “evil” man who was killed and buried at

sea. There is no body. There is no trial. There is no

proof – but, you say, our government would not lie

to us!




Did Osama Bin Laden not deserve a trial. Was he singularly so evil that this human decency did not apply to him, nor international law? Was he truly less human than the Nazis? Did we need to learn nothing from the supposed acts of this evil man?

George Jr. doesn’t believe in conspiracy, even as he sat in a classroom listening to grade school children read “My Pet Goat” while thousands of Americans were blown to unidentifiable bits in the middle of New York City. He sat, like a good boy, exposed and unprotected like J.F.K. in Dealey Plaza. As the secret service stood by, Chaney ran the country, from the bunker below and adjacent to the White House. George was left to wonder if he would live to see tomorrow.

Only a fool would believe such trash! – such a fool was President Eisenhower, Who, in 1961 said ” This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.”

Or, John Kennedy who said “we are as a people repugnant of secret society….” and warned of the secret society within our government. He faced this during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The coup-like actions of a few nearly brought down our world by nuclear war. This was his last speech before he was murdered. It is worth listening to:

The world is not simple. Man, as a race, commits the same atrocities over and over. Men find freedom, and they squander it. Totalitarianism manifests itself again and again, for democracy is not a natural state of man and, as J.F.K. said, it requires constant vigilance and constant maintenance.

Today, America has become the police state of the world. We are engaged in endless and senseless war. We seek it out and we embrace it. We form, control, and destroy countries. We step in to “help” the third world, then when their natural resources have been depleted, we step away, forgetting our supposed humanitarian concern. (see the book “The Economic Hit Man”)

So, you see, I, too am a conspiracy theorist. I, too, believe that this great nation has been brought to its knees by a few, who believe that they are special, and that they alone are able and capable to forge the future of America and the world. I, too, believe that we have, again and again, been influenced by false-flag operations and by the corrupt. I, too believe that we are losing our freedom from a cancer eating at the body of our great nation.

In its final action the monster is turning it’s attention toward the people of our great nation. They surveil us, and lie about the surveillance. They testify before congress and they lie blatantly, knowing that they will be protected. They watch, and they wait until, when the time is right they will take the last of what we posses.

Donald Trump is not a fool. What he sees is real. He is a patriot, and our last chance to save a dying nation.

Scott Cahill