My Take on the Republican National Debates

A man must admit when he is wrong – and – I WAS WRONG!  In the time since this writing (Aug. 7, 2015) much has come to pass. Some was as I had expected. Bush fell harder and quicker than I had imagined, but Trump did, finally win the nomination. Rubio was Rubio, and Cruze, crazy as hell, though he is, is just Cruze. It was my own Governor who shocked me.

I have heard Kasich speak on a few occasions. He seemed level headed and honest. He addressed the fiscal responsibility that I support and social responsibility. He seemed to understand the balance of consensus.

In New York (campaigning with 14 delegates earned) he said ” I just go where they tell me to go”. I think that all believed this, and I think that his actions confirm this less-than-presidential position. He later became the party’s puppet consorting with Cruze to deflect delegates, gaming for an overthrow at the convention! This is not the man who I believed him to be.

I misjudged the man. I believed that he would fight a fair fight, but when mother America called, I had believed that he would answer the call. I was wrong. His refusal to attend the convention alienated him from his supporters and the nation. It was a horrible move.

Pence was a trade to forestall a contested convention. Trump does not want the guy and he is like a brown dress shoe, boring and always inappropriate. He will be an unremarkable V.P. in a remarkable presidency.

Trump will win handily, and after his term, or two terms, Tim Kane will run for President on the Democratic ticket and win. The world will be a very different and better place by then.

I hope that Donald has good people with strong security backgrounds at his side always. Some would be far too comfortable with Mr. Pence as the President (remember L.B.J.), in the horror of beltway politics, the unthinkable is cocktail party patter. Be safe and careful and, God bless you, Mr. Trump.


In Cleveland, Ohio yesterday, the Republican party debate was held between the presidential hopefuls. It was unusual and it was interesting.

What I found particularly interesting was the unlikely front-runner, Donald Trump. In a time when the Republican party has become a machine of mediocrity, churning out the next deserving candidate and sliding him into the prepared slot, with promises of marching in sync with the other so placed army, Donald Trump, and to a lesser extent, Kasich, seemed defiant. Can the monster be stared down and subdued? Could the Republican party find a place nearer the middle of the road!

I watched the debate on Fox News and I was particularly delighted at the analysis where a “group” of people (obviously biassed against Trump) was aggregated and asked to trash Trump’s effort. The effort denigrated  as, this morning, it became apparent that Trump had, indeed, won the debate.

Trump will probably be calling me any moment to see what I want him to do next. (I will keep my cell phone with me in case.) Here is what I will tell him.

“Donald! How’s it going, buddy” You know, same old stuff flying a HUGE airplane from New York to Cleveland – hanging out, just stuff …  well did you see the debate?  What should I do next? “OK so here is how we are going to play this thing, pal. You are doing very well. It is only because things have become so bad that any change is seen as positive. That is really good. The only problem is, on the horizon, someone will probably bring up the lack of experience thing” (awkward silence) “Anyway, I have a way for you to plug that hole in your campaign and to win Ohio” Really!  How? “It is simple, Donald.    Kasich.   He is a bit awkward speaking, but he is nice to you, and recognizes the frustration. He has the right background. Don’t you see, Donald! He is your Vice-President!  He is perfect!” …. I don’t know, Scott – umm….. “Now, Donald, We talked about this before. You CANNOT be both President and Vice President. Even bringing it up will cause real problems. It is a really bad idea and you need to never say it out loud again! With you as President, and Kasich as Vice President, not only do you have a chance to win the election, but you will be able to do the other things that you want to do – like upgrading the interior on Airforce 1 and remodeling the whitehouse and building the white house golf course and club. “Look, Donald, I am a busy man, you think on it – keep your lips together and call me tomorrow – good job so far.” Thanks, Scott – you are the best.  “I know, now get some sleep.”

Ok I have to admit – Donald will probably not call, but that is only because he has no idea that I exist. I have to say, he impressed me with his refreshing candor and his “guts”. It is refreshing. I am an Ohio guy, and Kasich is my runner-up, but I must admit, I really do want Donald to win. Things need changed and I believe that he might actually have the gumption to get it done.

Scott Cahill