Surrender to fear of the unknown

It is a shame when grown men and women allow themselves to be manipulated by a few strong people. I happen to like strong people. They are the ones who make change and change is necessary.

The problem arises when people are so comfortable and “safe” with things as they are that they become afraid of change. They become afraid of those strong people, they become afraid of everything. It then is so very easy to manipulate them.

A person who allows fear to rule them is a lamb who is being led any way the the wolf pleases. They have lost their selves and their volition and their free choice to fear. Soon it is the fear that rules their life. They say things like “what if something happens?”

They do as they are told by the few strong people and they march in a line to the gas chamber, to the factories, to the sweat shops, to wherever those few wish them to go and they become less than puppets, looking to their keepers for their safety, then their decision, then, even their opinions.

Scott Cahill