The Loss of Valor

We, the grand United States of America have evolved beyond ourselves.

We fought the great World War, killing the Japanese because they were a government who condoned torture. The Germans blamed their ills on a single race. They militarized their government and their economy. They spied on their own people.

These evils incited in our fathers and grandfathers actions that only the desperate or the honorable shoulder, to subordinate oneself to a cause that was greater than any single life, no matter how dear.

Thousands gave their lives, spilling their blood on beaches and woods across the globe for the single reason, that the children of this planet must never again know the horror of the loss of freedom. That, perhaps, we would retire to a life devoid of the horrors of war and the blatant failure of justice at the hands of  tyrants.

We found victory and the future of the world was held in our bloodied hands.

With the world at stake, we felt justified to torture. We built a machine to listen, to subvert, to kill. The machine became greater than the people, greater than the law, and soon, it turned its eyes on America.

We kill people who are faceless, from “command centers” by remote control. We are far distant from the cries of pain, the screams of the wives and the children who survive. We are soldiers on a nightmarish video game.

Our valor, our honor, our reason, are set aside as man’s worst tendencies play out on a computer screen.

What becomes of a power who fights elements of evil, only to become the very thing that they once defied?

Is it too late?


Scott Cahill