My Take on the Republican National Debates

A man must admit when he is wrong – and – I WAS WRONG!  In the time since this writing (Aug. 7, 2015) much has come to pass. Some was as I had expected. Bush fell harder and quicker than I had imagined, but Trump did, finally win the nomination. Rubio was Rubio, and Cruze, crazy as hell, though he is, is just Cruze. It was my own Governor who shocked me.

I have heard Kasich speak on a few occasions. He seemed level headed and honest. He addressed the fiscal responsibility that I support and social responsibility. He seemed to understand the balance of consensus.

In New York (campaigning with 14 delegates earned) he said ” I just go where they tell me to go”. I think that all believed this, and I think that his actions confirm this less-than-presidential position. He later became the party’s puppet consorting with Cruze to deflect delegates, gaming for an overthrow at the convention! This is not the man who I believed him to be.

I misjudged the man. I believed that he would fight a fair fight, but when mother America called, I had believed that he would answer the call. I was wrong. His refusal to attend the convention alienated him from his supporters and the nation. It was a horrible move.

Pence was a trade to forestall a contested convention. Trump does not want the guy and he is like a brown dress shoe, boring and always inappropriate. He will be an unremarkable V.P. in a remarkable presidency.

Trump will win handily, and after his term, or two terms, Tim Kane will run for President on the Democratic ticket and win. The world will be a very different and better place by then.

I hope that Donald has good people with strong security backgrounds at his side always. Some would be far too comfortable with Mr. Pence as the President (remember L.B.J.), in the horror of beltway politics, the unthinkable is cocktail party patter. Be safe and careful and, God bless you, Mr. Trump.


In Cleveland, Ohio yesterday, the Republican party debate was held between the presidential hopefuls. It was unusual and it was interesting.

What I found particularly interesting was the unlikely front-runner, Donald Trump. In a time when the Republican party has become a machine of mediocrity, churning out the next deserving candidate and sliding him into the prepared slot, with promises of marching in sync with the other so placed army, Donald Trump, and to a lesser extent, Kasich, seemed defiant. Can the monster be stared down and subdued? Could the Republican party find a place nearer the middle of the road!

I watched the debate on Fox News and I was particularly delighted at the analysis where a “group” of people (obviously biassed against Trump) was aggregated and asked to trash Trump’s effort. The effort denigrated  as, this morning, it became apparent that Trump had, indeed, won the debate.

Trump will probably be calling me any moment to see what I want him to do next. (I will keep my cell phone with me in case.) Here is what I will tell him.

“Donald! How’s it going, buddy” You know, same old stuff flying a HUGE airplane from New York to Cleveland – hanging out, just stuff …  well did you see the debate?  What should I do next? “OK so here is how we are going to play this thing, pal. You are doing very well. It is only because things have become so bad that any change is seen as positive. That is really good. The only problem is, on the horizon, someone will probably bring up the lack of experience thing” (awkward silence) “Anyway, I have a way for you to plug that hole in your campaign and to win Ohio” Really!  How? “It is simple, Donald.    Kasich.   He is a bit awkward speaking, but he is nice to you, and recognizes the frustration. He has the right background. Don’t you see, Donald! He is your Vice-President!  He is perfect!” …. I don’t know, Scott – umm….. “Now, Donald, We talked about this before. You CANNOT be both President and Vice President. Even bringing it up will cause real problems. It is a really bad idea and you need to never say it out loud again! With you as President, and Kasich as Vice President, not only do you have a chance to win the election, but you will be able to do the other things that you want to do – like upgrading the interior on Airforce 1 and remodeling the whitehouse and building the white house golf course and club. “Look, Donald, I am a busy man, you think on it – keep your lips together and call me tomorrow – good job so far.” Thanks, Scott – you are the best.  “I know, now get some sleep.”

Ok I have to admit – Donald will probably not call, but that is only because he has no idea that I exist. I have to say, he impressed me with his refreshing candor and his “guts”. It is refreshing. I am an Ohio guy, and Kasich is my runner-up, but I must admit, I really do want Donald to win. Things need changed and I believe that he might actually have the gumption to get it done.

Scott Cahill

Donald Trump’s Hair


It is starting to look like Donald may just be our next president. I will not bore you with discussion about issues of state, experience, or those of a technical nature. After all, those things have little to do with it.

I am growing my hair. Always, style is changed by the powerful and, win or lose, many of us will be sporting “Trump” hair in the coming months.

Thinning hair and an enlarged prostate are a couple of things that I have in common with Donald.

There have been some other presidential types with long interesting hair – but none quite so flamboyant.

Reagan had nice hair – long hair, but he greased his into submission instead of spraying it into a helmet-like apparition. I believe that the Trump “do” will have more of a dry look.

I, personally believe that Reagan, had he given it sufficient effort, could have made a meaningful hair statement, but he was afraid to take the leap. We need a man who will take chances.



The color is good, but he needs length and some effort to produce the “swoop”. Although I greatly admire Clinton, he “settled”.

I know what you are saying – “just not presidential”- give me some time. By November I will have the required length to achieve the full Trump. See you at the inauguration!

Scott Cahill

Stopping Donald Trump

I love writing. I appreciate you reading that which I write. I try hard to “get it right” and, I hope, I usually do.

Recently I made some predictions. They were based on data, accurate, and considered. I was wrong. What I failed to consider was the absolute resolute stand by the Republican machine to defeat Donald Trump and to install, in his place, one who would do “what he was told”.

You may love Trump or you may hate him. It is unimportant to the discussion of this document.

Donald Trump was never supposed to get this far. He was to try, stick his foot in his mouth, and wander off of the stage, defeated, and go back to writing those checks to candidates. The problem was – they had pushed us too far. The government shutdowns, the unbalanced budgets, the theft of Social Security, the lies of those seeking office realized after they attained their goal, all of it. ENOUGH!

The people of this country were ready to accept a guy who was imperfect, who’s father had not groomed him since birth to never make a mistake, who was just a guy who did things and succeeded and failed and had embarrassments and  successes, and good luck, and bad luck, a guy like us. Although he had opportunity that escapes most of us, he is imperfect. He says things that he wishes he hadn’t said. His hair is imperfect. He gets mad. He is “real”. We are real, too.

Here is a rundown of candidates considered for leader of the free world by the GOP and my considered assessment of them each. Others, declaring later are included also:

Bush – are you kidding!! We haven’t forgotten Jr. yet!

Cruz – he is not real. He is a fool. He is a loser. He is an idiot and should never be in politics. He disagrees with evolution.

Paul – He has some valid points – but really?  You searched this great nation and THAT is what you came up with?

Rubio – looks like he is twelve. (He also acts like he is twelve.)

Carson – is a great guy – a bright guy, but way way too passive to hold such an office.

Santorum – He is so monotonous that it is hard to think about him long enough to even dislike him. He is just “there” breathing air.

Pataki – ? I will not waste my black ink cartridge !





Graham – My mother has house plants that are far more interesting than him. They are also smarter and they are more honorable.

Fiorina – She ran HP into the ground – made a hundred decisions and all – all – of them were wrong. She would fit in nicely, otherwise is a loser.

Huckabee – He has had his chance and has done nothing except get in the way of those who are trying.

Perry – A good guy. Not the brightest bulb on the tree – but a good guy. If horse riding was a requirement he would be a good candidate. It is not.

Trump – Ultra-successful business man, brilliant scholar, finance genius, literally “wrote the book” on successful negotiation, has done business all over the world, self-funded campaign – owes nobody a darn thing, can’t be bought with a speaking engagement or a book deal, respected by leaders of the world, the clear choice of a great majority of the voters in an honest election. He is clearly NOT what we are looking for. He hates immigrants (married one). He hates blacks (does business with Africans and African Americans, they sit on his boards, appear on his shows, are all through his affairs) He hates women (though he appears to love them and make them CEOs)

Mertz – I don’t even know who he is? Is he the janitor in the Capital? Why is he here?

Neuman – I know that Alfred is not running. If he were I would have great respect for him. He has a wonderful media empire and decided not to run for “family reasons” It is a shame that the great ones never run – Colin Powell, Patton, Neuman.

Pudding – Pudding is a snack food and, therefore, is ineligible to run for higher office. Some of the other listed candidates rank much higher in my poll. A few, however, including Bush, Cruze, Paul, Rubio, Graham, Fiorina, Huckabee, and Mertz rank much lower, because Pudding, even with his challenges to electability and intellect, at least would not make it even worse!

The following had not declared when this list was compiled. The GOP, in their reach to find all qualified candidates, added to their team of winners:

Christie – shut down a bridge because he was mad. Do you really want him bombing people because he is mad! I say again, we haven’t forgotten Jr. yet!

Kasich – now there is a man. There is a real candidate. He is respected. He is intelligent. The only thing that could possibly alienate him from the electorate would be some incredible blunder, like allowing himself to be used by the party to split votes to cause the frontrunner and people’s choice into some insane position that would allow them to go against the wishes of all voters and to steal the election. He is a really great guy, though and would never allow himself to be involved in such a terrible and dishonest deception.

-Oh wait –



 I am so very disappointed that, through some misplaced loyalty, he has become a pawn of the political machine. It is a great shame that I was wrong with my projection of Aug. 7:

Every time I feel that perhaps I understand the system, I am shocked at how bad it really is. quoted Mark Cuban as saying the following:

“The Republican Party does everything possible to discourage leadership. They want to conserve their romanticized past,” he concluded. “That’s a shame. I wish they wanted to conserve the best of what America is today and find a leader that can take us to new places that make our future better. I know a lot of the same can be said about the democrats, but I don’t want to be a democrat.”

I am not always a Mark Cuban fan, but I doubt that I could have said it any better. We must change. This is not a course of action that takes us to higher ground.

I am frightened and I am concerned with the political course of our country. I am certain of one thing. I am certain that we, as a people, have a right under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to chose our President. I understand how the Electoral College works. I also know a rip-off when I see one.

Scott Cahill

Revolution in our Back Yard

Trump now has the vast majority of delegates Cruz can win, theoretically, but the chance is dwindling. Rubio is out. and Kasich is still in with only 143. It is mathematically impossible for him to win.

Trump may get the 1237 required. He may not. It is very close. Kasich is in this race only to stop Trump.  He stays in because, as he says, “we will have a contested convention”.

People with agendas diverse from the populous, diverse from the voters, need to have their way, to have their man in place to reap the rewards of monies spent and favors offered.

I was in Florida with a group of friends, both Democrats and Republicans, who were completely inflamed over the actions of the Republican party and the press. There was talk of going to the convention to protest if the election was “stolen from the people”. Even those who voted against him in the Florida primary said that they would now vote for him and would not accept any other candidate. Democrats said that they now supported Trump. These were not rowdy college students. These were old men and ladies at a yacht club function.

In Virginia, at a little coffee shop, the crowd echoed the same sentiment. The discussion has changed from a weighing of one candidate against another to a discussion of the “election being stolen from the people”. The uncaring, the disenfranchised, are inflamed. I, too, am shocked, and I am worried.

It seems as if this machine of governance churns on, abandoning responsibility to the voters. It is a horrible realization when the delegates disconnect from the voters and it signals a “fork in the road” of political direction.

In Louisiana, though Trump won the state, and the vote of the populous, he was robbed of the delegates, and, in fact, Cruz won more delegates. How is this possible? It is not. You no longer matter to the powerful. What they are saying is this; “your vote no longer matters”.

Down one road we start our journey back to a place where we deal honorably with the issues that this nation must address. (tort reform, election finance reform, tax reform).

Down the other we go into a dark place where this nation has never been, a place where we no longer believe that we matter. A place where we are excluded form the process of our democracy.

God help our great nation if we fail ourselves, if we, the People, allow our great country to slip from our hands into the waiting hands of Tyranny.

What have we become when Republicans and Democrats alike are Trojan horses, draped in the false costumes of respectability, selling things precious for nothing. These are not the actions of the America that I once knew.

If the choice is not ours, but the choice of some small group of the super-elite what can the future hold for our children? Only enslavement. Only despair.

Scott Cahill

The Oddest Election of our Time

So much has evolved as the candidates sparred to find their respective positions in our political arena. The campaigns have been strange and the competition has been from the far right to the far left. Nothing has been normal, including the parties respective picks.

Along the way, the media has compromised itself as it has never before, and the “fringe” media, the “conspiracy theorists”, if you will, have become at the forefront of the meaningful news. YouTube is, of late, the place to find the meaningful, considered back-checked reporting. CNN, FOX, and the lot have fallen to reporting from script, handed down from management. They have raised their voices in coordinated, orchestrated harmony. They have been wrong time after time.

InfoWars and the Drudge Report have become the disseminators of meaningful and insightful news – real news!

Lately it has become undeniable that Hillary Clinton is having some serious neurological issues. I wish no ill on Hillary or anyone. It just seems so very obvious to anyone with eyes in their head and the ability to see the news clips that these are not diverse events, nor disassociated events. They appear to be epileptic events, or similar events. They appear to be triggered by stimulus overload, like the fireworks when Bill hugged her, or the multiple questions that triggered the head spinning episode. These coupled with the falls, coaching on stage, and the rest are, at this point, undeniable.

The seeming declining health of the candidate brings on a lot of questions. I am not a political scholar, but, the D.N.C is meeting, apparently to deal with these issues right now.

The dutiful media is beginning to release snippets to adjust our thinking to help us to digest the coming bitter pill, but the populous will find it distasteful, and it will be rejected. Like it or hate it, Trump will win the election.

The question now is, will he be running against Hillary (I do not think so) or Joe Biden, or Tim Kaine (unlikely pick for the D.N.C. to make). My guess, at this point is Biden/Kaine. Biden is a great guy, and Kaine is a competent professional, and my friend. I must, still, analytically, call it a strong win for Trump. I believe that Tim Kaine will be president, but his run will be after Trump’s presidency. With the name recognition and exposure that he gets in the coming months, he will probably, one day be President Kaine. (he will be a good one, as he was a Mayor, a Governor, and a Senator)

It seems inevitable that the “news” about Hillary must come out to the light of day. If right, I am about to learn much about how such things are dealt with by the D.N.C.

The Clintons are loved and hated, such is the result of a life in the political arena. The question that I have is one of the speed of progression, not one of the reality. I believe that Bill and Hillary have a deep love and give more than they take from this world. They are both very intelligent. I am saddened to think that they face such tragedy.

I call myself a Republican, but I am an American and a Patriot first. Tonight I worry for a family, for a country, and for a world that is running out of control. Dear Mr. Trump, we are handing you quite a handful.

Scott Cahill

Early Election Results

Well, the election is over. Trump will be our next president. I believe that it is a good thing. Perhaps we are on the road to healing. I hope so.

My projections were mostly correct. Surely, by now, we all may see the bias of the media and the secondary society that has manifested within our great nation. Change is sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Let us stand together as Americans.

We reached a fork in the road. Perhaps, just perhaps, we may yet get our great nation back on track. Best of luck to all of us.

It would take a real dummy to go on the line, and state what will occur over the next few days, and the results of the pending election. Well, here I am!

Here is how I see this thing playing out; First, let me say, there will be, as there has been a significant amount of manipulation of the vote. I am certain that some of my thoughts will be proven wrong. Nonetheless:

Interactive map by

I believe that most agree on the core states, It is in the industrial (previously industrial) midwest that Trump will surprise.

I believe that Trump will take Ohio. I believe that he will take Pennsylvania.

Virginia is certainly up for grabs. Tim Kaine is very well liked in Virginia. Rural areas will vote Republican, Charlottesville, Richmond, and the tidewater areas will vote Democrat. Virginia, in my mind is truly a toss-up.

Arizona and Florida will surprise and will vote for Trump. Retirees vote and they are truly fed-up with the status quo.

Ill. will probably go for Hillary, while Wisconsin and Minnesota, I just do not have the information to know. Colorado may surprise. The west coast, including California will keep their heads deep in the sand.

There has never before been such a significant “silent majority” as now exists. Hillary is running a finely crafted machine, bussing inner-city folks to the polls and knocking on doors. They are driven and they are desperate. Trump is not a campaigner – he is not even a politician. That is what many of us like about him, but he is lacking the campaign strength of Hillary. His strength is in his message.

Much is at stake and the future will truly be driven by these results. A great friend of mine, who is very Republican once jokingly said “vote well, and vote often!” I, and he, do not advocate the voting by people who have already voted, nor are we crazy about dead people voting, as they often do.

The only way we fix this run-away train is to show up and vote on Tuesday.

Scott Cahill

When will we know the outcome of today’s election?

I am meeting a friend to drink beer and watch the election results come in. We are meeting at 8:00 PM

Here are the times the polls will be closing according to the Wall Street Journal. Since I have predicted the outcome (always a bad thing to do), I expect to have a great feel for who will be picking up the check by 9:00. Ohio and North Carolina close at 7:30. They are very important states to show how the wind blows and to confirm or annihilate my projections.

Virginia will close at 7:00. I believe that if trump takes Virginia, I am safe to drink as much as I like without a chance of getting the bill. Tim Kaine is loved in Virginia, and if Hillary can’t pull that off, with such a solid running mate, the others will fall like dominos.

Pennsylvania is another very important state as is Colorado and – especially Florida, which closes at 7:00.

See my projections at:

If you are lucky enough to be in or near Salem, Ohio – come by “Coaches” in the Courtyard Square and enjoy (hopefully) the results with us. One of us will be happy and one of us will be sad – such is the arena of politics

Scott Cahill

Governor Kasich’s Political Suicide

If you have been reading what I write, you have seen me transformed from a big fan of Governor Kasich, to something less.

It all started with his campaign staff. Never – ABSOLUTELY NEVER have I supported a candidate to never even shake his hand. That is not a well run campaign. Those who support a campaign should feel that they are appreciated – at least that they are not ignored completely. The good thing, I guess, is that, now that he has fallen on his sword, at least he has no idea who I am.

Katich is a great guy. He is knowledgeable, he is experienced and he understands the balance between fiscal responsibility and social responsibility. He had as good a chance as any candidate at the first debate. After failing to find the needed sound bite and to get himself noticed in the field, he began a systematic self-destruct. It was hard to watch, even for a Trump supporter.

Highlights of this disaster are as follows:

First the first debate– At that point the front runners got culled into the few who would be quoted, questioned, and the few who the media would cover. He failed to say something with sufficient impact to draw attention. Even a volatile or fantastic statement would have been better than nothing. Even if he wore a Christmas sweater to the debate, at least he would get air time to explain himself.

Second the New York restaurant– Many things failed with this – If you are eating on camera do not be hungry. It is far better to eat on your way, so you can speak, taking tiny bites to show how “human” you are (even if you are not human at all) The stuffed mouth was horrible, unable to respond. This fail was culminated with the statement “I just go where they tell me” The worst thing that one can say, when being considered for leader of the free world.

Third The coordinated effort to do unfair damage to the frontrunner – The Cruz/Kasich arrangement, drafter by “party leaders” to steal the election by manipulating delegates was the single item that most cemented supporters around Trump – One of the greatest failures of modern politics.

Fourth The refusal of the offer to be Trump’s running mate – Trump had offered consideration of Kasich for Vice President of the U.S. This is not a bad job – especially for one who wishes to be President. Katich refused Trump’s offer early in the campaign. Later, after Kasich had taken actions that would keep most from accepting him as a running mate, Trump, realizing what I had realized early on, offered, again, the position through Donald Jr. Again, Kasich refused!

Fifth The Convention– As if all of this was not enough, after the battle was lost – lost beyond description, to refuse to participate in the convention in Cleveland was the last nail in the coffin. This action alienated him from his constituency. This was his greatest error. All of the other actions hurt him with trump and this campaign. This one hurt with his perception by the people of the entire nation. The political capital that Kasich collected became useless when Trump won. The party is fickle and has already forgotten their promised loyalty.

Governor Kasich is a good guy. I think that if we were to talk, we might feel the same about many things. He would have been a good President. He entered the campaign with as good a chance as any. The campaign was wrong for the times, and it failed.

He had the right ideas. He had the right background. The failure was one of execution and a failure to understand what influences people. If he had a great speech writer and coach, he might now be referred to as President-Elect Kasich. Let us hope that he can repair his political constitution. He is too great a man to be lost to political missteps.

Scott Cahill

The Transition from Warrior to Ruler

There are great warriors who win great battles. They are the victors. In war, even cold war, there are so many battles. There are the ones where men line in columns and attack across a line, but for each of these there are a thousand quiet battles, waged in alleys, prisons, in parks at dusk, dropping through the clouds on a moonless night into a foreign place alone.

There exist diplomats who are not, playing a game of chess, or cat and mouse, for life. For these men and women, there is no fanfare, little notoriety – medals given, then taken. One wrong step and a lifetime precipitates down to an etched star on a marble wall, or a simple denial. Why do men strive to be warriors?

The lucky warriors get to fight in the open. They are the ones on the battle lines, in mountains, deserts, and jungles, they load and walk, ride, and fight. The victors are the ones who hold the field after the shooting stops. How very simple.

Castro was a warrior. Alexander was too. Campaigners fight a different type of battle, a war of words, a puzzle. They parlay and jab until, eventually, one is the winner, one retires the field, wounded. Politics is some of each, subterfuge, and aggression. It has elements of war, and elements of diplomacy. Still, I assert, a campaign is a battle.

Often there is not sufficient thought to the state of affairs after the win. If it is a country or a field, a harbor, or a foothold gained, always there must be a strategy for exit, or for holding.

Obama is a great campaigner. He is a wonderful organizer, and a great speaker. I believe that he failed in many ways as a president. A friend and politician once said to me; “I must do what I need to in order to be elected. If I fail to be elected, all of the things that matter so deeply to me fail.” Indeed, this is a terrible truth. It breeds the disparity of elected to ruler. Indeed, such misleading actions are a necessary and celebrated part of warfare, as written in the book,”The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

Does the game of campaigning prove the value of the office holder? Is it a reasonable way to choose? Does the winning, or the overthrow of a government make one the proper choice for the leader of a new government?

History shows us many, who were most comfortable in battle. Often, when ruling became burdensome, they returned to the battlefield. Alexander was such a leader. Castro made the jump from guerrilla to leader. Obama, perhaps, missed the simplicity of the campaign. President Elect Trump is yet to assume the role of leader. It will be interesting to see his transition from victor to ruler. I believe that he is better suited than most.

Scott Cahill