Donald Trump’s Hair


It is starting to look like Donald may just be our next president. I will not bore you with discussion about issues of state, experience, or those of a technical nature. After all, those things have littleĀ to do with it.

I am growing my hair. Always, style is changed by the powerful and, win or lose, many of us will be sporting “Trump” hair in the coming months.

Thinning hair and an enlarged prostate are a couple of things that I have in common with Donald.

There have been some other presidential types with long interesting hair – but none quite so flamboyant.

Reagan had nice hair – long hair, but he greased his into submission instead of spraying it into a helmet-like apparition. I believe that the Trump “do” will have more of a dry look.

I, personally believe that Reagan, had he given it sufficient effort, could have made a meaningful hair statement, but he was afraid to take the leap. We need a man who will take chances.



The color is good, but he needs length and some effort to produce the “swoop”. Although I greatly admire Clinton, he “settled”.

I know what you are saying – “just not presidential”- give me some time. By November I will have the required length to achieve the full Trump. See you at the inauguration!

Scott Cahill