Imperialism, a Recurring Scheme

Imperialism is, seemingly, the right of those nations who have grown, through success in war and strategy, to a position of great world power. It seems impossible for a man or a nation to achieve such a position without the inevitable insidious need to control others.

Always it is the great successes that set out to rule the world, like the villains in a James Bond film, always, they believe that their beliefs and their goals should be the beliefs and goals of all. Even when the world was small, it was so.

Rome, Germany, the United Kingdom, The United States of America. Each was wonderful, special, successful beyond measure, and each, given the opportunity to influence the world through acts of support and kindness, eventually digressed to the worst kind of persuasion.

Each example rose to power by embracing a moral and political high ground. Each professed a hatred for torture, unprovoked attack, division of classes, and the belief that they were to help those who were less fortunate than themselves. These are good principals, yet, in the political game, they were lost, scattered on the floor.

Eventually, each came to believe that the end justified the means. Each metamorphosed into the very things that they had opposed so completely in their quest for equity and honor. Each became the enemies that they had opposed, each found murder, torture, and submission of others acceptable, when part of their plan for a “better” world.

Our great nation stands at a crossroad. All is not lost, but much must be changed if we are ever to find our way from our imperialistic tendencies, and the inevitable failure that will result. Much is happening to swing the pendulum back to a plausible equilibrium from which we may find our place in the world as brothers, rather than as rulers.

Truly, the diversity of culture and of thought is the breeding ground of all that is great in this world. No singular position will serve the whole better than a diverse set of opinions and circumstances, which are allowed to tests and fail or succeed, issue by issue. For, only this will allow the continuance of the methodology that is the evolution of all mankind.

I am a patriot. I love America and I love freedom. I believe that freedom of thought and speech are necessary for man to grow, and I believe that we, as a race, have failed more than we have succeeded. The game of life and politics has given us new tools, the lifting of impasses, the death of dictators, the election of outsiders.

We find now what men are we, and what shall we do at this most significant time of our history. I am hopeful and I believe deeply in the soul of America, and of man. We must find our way back to the cooperative brotherhood of man, and the great moral platform that we held for our glorious years as a nation of acceptance and honor.

Scott Cahill