My Take on the Republican National Debates

A man must admit when he is wrong – and – I WAS WRONG!  In the time since this writing (Aug. 7, 2015) much has come to pass. Some was as I had expected. Bush fell harder and quicker than I had imagined, but Trump did, finally win the nomination. Rubio was Rubio, and Cruze, crazy as hell, though he is, is just Cruze. It was my own Governor who shocked me.

I have heard Kasich speak on a few occasions. He seemed level headed and honest. He addressed the fiscal responsibility that I support and social responsibility. He seemed to understand the balance of consensus.

In New York (campaigning with 14 delegates earned) he said ” I just go where they tell me to go”. I think that all believed this, and I think that his actions confirm this less-than-presidential position. He later became the party’s puppet consorting with Cruze to deflect delegates, gaming for an overthrow at the convention! This is not the man who I believed him to be.

I misjudged the man. I believed that he would fight a fair fight, but when mother America called, I had believed that he would answer the call. I was wrong. His refusal to attend the convention alienated him from his supporters and the nation. It was a horrible move.

Pence was a trade to forestall a contested convention. Trump does not want the guy and he is like a brown dress shoe, boring and always inappropriate. He will be an unremarkable V.P. in a remarkable presidency.

Trump will win handily, and after his term, or two terms, Tim Kane will run for President on the Democratic ticket and win. The world will be a very different and better place by then.

I hope that Donald has good people with strong security backgrounds at his side always. Some would be far too comfortable with Mr. Pence as the President (remember L.B.J.), in the horror of beltway politics, the unthinkable is cocktail party patter. Be safe and careful and, God bless you, Mr. Trump.


In Cleveland, Ohio yesterday, the Republican party debate was held between the presidential hopefuls. It was unusual and it was interesting.

What I found particularly interesting was the unlikely front-runner, Donald Trump. In a time when the Republican party has become a machine of mediocrity, churning out the next deserving candidate and sliding him into the prepared slot, with promises of marching in sync with the other so placed army, Donald Trump, and to a lesser extent, Kasich, seemed defiant. Can the monster be stared down and subdued? Could the Republican party find a place nearer the middle of the road!

I watched the debate on Fox News and I was particularly delighted at the analysis where a “group” of people (obviously biassed against Trump) was aggregated and asked to trash Trump’s effort. The effort denigrated  as, this morning, it became apparent that Trump had, indeed, won the debate.

Trump will probably be calling me any moment to see what I want him to do next. (I will keep my cell phone with me in case.) Here is what I will tell him.

“Donald! How’s it going, buddy” You know, same old stuff flying a HUGE airplane from New York to Cleveland – hanging out, just stuff …  well did you see the debate?  What should I do next? “OK so here is how we are going to play this thing, pal. You are doing very well. It is only because things have become so bad that any change is seen as positive. That is really good. The only problem is, on the horizon, someone will probably bring up the lack of experience thing” (awkward silence) “Anyway, I have a way for you to plug that hole in your campaign and to win Ohio” Really!  How? “It is simple, Donald.    Kasich.   He is a bit awkward speaking, but he is nice to you, and recognizes the frustration. He has the right background. Don’t you see, Donald! He is your Vice-President!  He is perfect!” …. I don’t know, Scott – umm….. “Now, Donald, We talked about this before. You CANNOT be both President and Vice President. Even bringing it up will cause real problems. It is a really bad idea and you need to never say it out loud again! With you as President, and Kasich as Vice President, not only do you have a chance to win the election, but you will be able to do the other things that you want to do – like upgrading the interior on Airforce 1 and remodeling the whitehouse and building the white house golf course and club. “Look, Donald, I am a busy man, you think on it – keep your lips together and call me tomorrow – good job so far.” Thanks, Scott – you are the best.  “I know, now get some sleep.”

Ok I have to admit – Donald will probably not call, but that is only because he has no idea that I exist. I have to say, he impressed me with his refreshing candor and his “guts”. It is refreshing. I am an Ohio guy, and Kasich is my runner-up, but I must admit, I really do want Donald to win. Things need changed and I believe that he might actually have the gumption to get it done.

Scott Cahill

President Trump and Vice President Kasich

Donald Trump is winning. He is winning big. He beat the political insiders, Cruz and Rubio soundly, and the Party is scared.

Super Tuesday may well seal the deal, but for the Republican machine, any amount of money or manipulation must be spent to stop this out-of control (not controlled) outsider from stealing the great prize from those who waited in line, did the bidding of the party, and waited patiently for their time.

To them, he is a bully, who pushed into line ahead of others and there is much worry that he will not maintain the status quo. (He will not.)

I owe it to myself to say, I saw this coming. (see My Take on the Republican Debate) It was inevitable. Now, we wait for the evolution to play out and for Trump to (hopefully) chose Kasich as his running mate.

How did we get here?  The Republicans, prodded by tea party type factions, became more and more disassociated with the populous. They lost their touch. They cheered each other at rallies, and they cheered themselves as they shut down and stalled every effort of their opposition. They put forth a candidate who disbelieved evolution!  They would have marginalized themselves into obscurity, but they were fortunate to have an opponent producing a mirrored image of their failure.

Trump is not an attractive candidate. His self-promotion is distasteful, his flamboyance and his wealth are alienating. Only in an environment such as this could he have a chance. He speaks candidly, while others read prepared statements. He stands his ground, even when he makes a mistake. He never apologizes. He acts like a president. He has power because he assumes power.

Kasich, now there is a great man. He is checked. He is tested. He is serious, and his experience is deep and appropriate to the environment that we now face. Where, then is he lacking? He is lacking in a message. I know; “I wrote the last balanced federal budget” “I cut spending in Ohio and saved the state Billions” etc. etc. etc. and, he is right. He is the most fully qualified of the candidates, yet he is finishing last. His failure is in his lack of a simple statement of purpose.

I have heard Kasich speak a few times. At each of these events, even spending much to attend, I was kept from the candidate.  I was even asked to leave one opulent residence by the servants entrance so that I would not interrupt as they lunched with the Governor. Now, you lose the support of my beloved wife when you ask her to leave by the servant’s entrance.

The message that would have gained him the White House I could have written on a napkin in five minutes. It is this;

“The mechanics of government are complex and hard to learn. Flamboyance, nor piety can yield consensus. Only hard political work and selfless compromise can move this nation forward to resolve the reforms of tort and campaign finance. It will take a proven, well know politician to effect, successfully, this effort”

Kasich is a great guy and a fine politician (politician used as a good thing) I hope that Trump asks him, and I hope that he accepts to be his running mate. Trump absolutely needs Kasich to manipulate the complex workings of government. Without such a man, he will find life within the beltway intolerable.

Kasich is a balanced and considered servant of the people of Ohio. He is highly regarded in a state that is important to the progression of a presidential campaign.

Scott Cahill

Donald Trump – Why are Republican insiders so frightened of him?

Tomorrow we will vote in the Republican primary in Ohio. Our beloved Governor is campaigning with Mitt Romney. Mitt is there, undoubtedly to defame Trump he is there to say anything, to convince anyone who will listen, not to vote for Donald Trump.

It is always a shame when, in the process of debate, one must digress to an assault on one’s opponent. It is usually perceived as a lack of good argument on the part of the assailant, and usually with good reason. It is all the more unsavory when one must enlist another to inject the poison to keep one’s own hands clean. I believe that voters see through this.

(from The Atlantic)

Kasich is a great governor, a competent man and a fine politician. He has failed at projecting a message. Deep in his heart, he knows the reality of the interpolation of results and must be preparing for a loss. Why, then, involve oneself in such a childish game? Why, in fact, has the Republican Party involved itself in such a game from the very beginning of this campaign cycle.

Almost every news outlet has warped their coverage and have manipulated facts to put the worst possible face on one candidate. The candidates, as they dropped from the running, each, in turn took a shot at him. The attacks by Bush, Cruz, Rubio, and even Christie. (Christie, though, has since seen the light, and is now Donald’s best friend! I wonder if Donald is aware of that which is obvious to most of us?)  (see )

As I stated many times before in my writing, I believe Kasich to be Trumps’ best pick for V.P. I believe that to be a great accomplishment and I believe that Governor Kasich should be honored if asked.  see: )

They are scared. They are desperate. They are pulling out all of the stops. Trump, a nice guy (for a New York City real estate developer, a peach of a guy) has been called a woman hater, with boards of directors filled with women in the most powerful positions. He has been called a racist, with a bevy of international friends and business associates of every race and religion and an immigrant wife. He has been called everything bad that they can imagine.

Through it he has stood his ground without apology. He acted – well, he acted like a president. Vladimir Putin even conveyed his respect, saying that Trump was the only person running for President who he could respect. I am not a Putin fan, but, it is a good thing for the President to be respected by the leader of a mega-superpower.

Still, with the writing on the wall, the establishment struggles for a way to knock him off of the shelf. They are discussing turning against the voting public and simply refusing to nominate Trump in Cleveland at the convention. They are discussing a banding together of all of the remaining candidates to poll their votes with the second place to defend the position of President from Trump. This is uncharted territory. For decades, no such thought has been put forth.

Why, then,  do they so despise this man who is pulling so many into the Party and who has so significant a lead from the populous and from the electoral college? Why would such a party not embrace a man who is willing to put his business and his personal freedom on hold to help to save the country that he so deeply loves?

Answer:  He is not controlled. (leading one to suppose that the others are) He is not controllable, and he might actually do the things that all of the candidates are promising, and have promised to do for so long, but have failed to execute.

We may actually, one day have a flat tax or some other fair tax structure. We may have fair trade deals where Americans can buy drugs for the same price as Canadians or Mexicans or Scandinavians, instead of ten or twenty or a hundred times as much. We may deal honorably with immigration and hold our borders secure. We may actually deal, at last, with tort reform.

All of those running have promised some part of these things, but, of course, when the time comes, the men with the money will be sitting in the office explaining why we need not address this issue now.

A man with more money than he could spend is pretty hard to influence. He cant be bribed. He won’t be persuaded by the promise of a great book deal or a plush job in retirement or a seat on a board. (He has a jet with gold-plated seat belt buckles.)

That, my friends, is why, in spite of the fact that we want this man to be our next President, they are doing anything that they can do to make sure that it will never happen. If ever there was a time to vote your heart, it truly is now.

Scott Cahill

Revolution in our Back Yard

Trump now has the vast majority of delegates Cruz can win, theoretically, but the chance is dwindling. Rubio is out. and Kasich is still in with only 143. It is mathematically impossible for him to win.

Trump may get the 1237 required. He may not. It is very close. Kasich is in this race only to stop Trump.  He stays in because, as he says, “we will have a contested convention”.

People with agendas diverse from the populous, diverse from the voters, need to have their way, to have their man in place to reap the rewards of monies spent and favors offered.

I was in Florida with a group of friends, both Democrats and Republicans, who were completely inflamed over the actions of the Republican party and the press. There was talk of going to the convention to protest if the election was “stolen from the people”. Even those who voted against him in the Florida primary said that they would now vote for him and would not accept any other candidate. Democrats said that they now supported Trump. These were not rowdy college students. These were old men and ladies at a yacht club function.

In Virginia, at a little coffee shop, the crowd echoed the same sentiment. The discussion has changed from a weighing of one candidate against another to a discussion of the “election being stolen from the people”. The uncaring, the disenfranchised, are inflamed. I, too, am shocked, and I am worried.

It seems as if this machine of governance churns on, abandoning responsibility to the voters. It is a horrible realization when the delegates disconnect from the voters and it signals a “fork in the road” of political direction.

In Louisiana, though Trump won the state, and the vote of the populous, he was robbed of the delegates, and, in fact, Cruz won more delegates. How is this possible? It is not. You no longer matter to the powerful. What they are saying is this; “your vote no longer matters”.

Down one road we start our journey back to a place where we deal honorably with the issues that this nation must address. (tort reform, election finance reform, tax reform).

Down the other we go into a dark place where this nation has never been, a place where we no longer believe that we matter. A place where we are excluded form the process of our democracy.

God help our great nation if we fail ourselves, if we, the People, allow our great country to slip from our hands into the waiting hands of Tyranny.

What have we become when Republicans and Democrats alike are Trojan horses, draped in the false costumes of respectability, selling things precious for nothing. These are not the actions of the America that I once knew.

If the choice is not ours, but the choice of some small group of the super-elite what can the future hold for our children? Only enslavement. Only despair.

Scott Cahill

Governor Kasich’s Political Suicide

If you have been reading what I write, you have seen me transformed from a big fan of Governor Kasich, to something less.

It all started with his campaign staff. Never – ABSOLUTELY NEVER have I supported a candidate to never even shake his hand. That is not a well run campaign. Those who support a campaign should feel that they are appreciated – at least that they are not ignored completely. The good thing, I guess, is that, now that he has fallen on his sword, at least he has no idea who I am.

Katich is a great guy. He is knowledgeable, he is experienced and he understands the balance between fiscal responsibility and social responsibility. He had as good a chance as any candidate at the first debate. After failing to find the needed sound bite and to get himself noticed in the field, he began a systematic self-destruct. It was hard to watch, even for a Trump supporter.

Highlights of this disaster are as follows:

First the first debate– At that point the front runners got culled into the few who would be quoted, questioned, and the few who the media would cover. He failed to say something with sufficient impact to draw attention. Even a volatile or fantastic statement would have been better than nothing. Even if he wore a Christmas sweater to the debate, at least he would get air time to explain himself.

Second the New York restaurant– Many things failed with this – If you are eating on camera do not be hungry. It is far better to eat on your way, so you can speak, taking tiny bites to show how “human” you are (even if you are not human at all) The stuffed mouth was horrible, unable to respond. This fail was culminated with the statement “I just go where they tell me” The worst thing that one can say, when being considered for leader of the free world.

Third The coordinated effort to do unfair damage to the frontrunner – The Cruz/Kasich arrangement, drafter by “party leaders” to steal the election by manipulating delegates was the single item that most cemented supporters around Trump – One of the greatest failures of modern politics.

Fourth The refusal of the offer to be Trump’s running mate – Trump had offered consideration of Kasich for Vice President of the U.S. This is not a bad job – especially for one who wishes to be President. Katich refused Trump’s offer early in the campaign. Later, after Kasich had taken actions that would keep most from accepting him as a running mate, Trump, realizing what I had realized early on, offered, again, the position through Donald Jr. Again, Kasich refused!

Fifth The Convention– As if all of this was not enough, after the battle was lost – lost beyond description, to refuse to participate in the convention in Cleveland was the last nail in the coffin. This action alienated him from his constituency. This was his greatest error. All of the other actions hurt him with trump and this campaign. This one hurt with his perception by the people of the entire nation. The political capital that Kasich collected became useless when Trump won. The party is fickle and has already forgotten their promised loyalty.

Governor Kasich is a good guy. I think that if we were to talk, we might feel the same about many things. He would have been a good President. He entered the campaign with as good a chance as any. The campaign was wrong for the times, and it failed.

He had the right ideas. He had the right background. The failure was one of execution and a failure to understand what influences people. If he had a great speech writer and coach, he might now be referred to as President-Elect Kasich. Let us hope that he can repair his political constitution. He is too great a man to be lost to political missteps.

Scott Cahill