Donald Trump – Why are Republican insiders so frightened of him?

Tomorrow we will vote in the Republican primary in Ohio. Our beloved Governor is campaigning with Mitt Romney. Mitt is there, undoubtedly to defame Trump he is there to say anything, to convince anyone who will listen, not to vote for Donald Trump.

It is always a shame when, in the process of debate, one must digress to an assault on one’s opponent. It is usually perceived as a lack of good argument on the part of the assailant, and usually with good reason. It is all the more unsavory when one must enlist another to inject the poison to keep one’s own hands clean. I believe that voters see through this.

(from The Atlantic)

Kasich is a great governor, a competent man and a fine politician. He has failed at projecting a message. Deep in his heart, he knows the reality of the interpolation of results and must be preparing for a loss. Why, then, involve oneself in such a childish game? Why, in fact, has the Republican Party involved itself in such a game from the very beginning of this campaign cycle.

Almost every news outlet has warped their coverage and have manipulated facts to put the worst possible face on one candidate. The candidates, as they dropped from the running, each, in turn took a shot at him. The attacks by Bush, Cruz, Rubio, and even Christie. (Christie, though, has since seen the light, and is now Donald’s best friend! I wonder if Donald is aware of that which is obvious to most of us?)  (see )

As I stated many times before in my writing, I believe Kasich to be Trumps’ best pick for V.P. I believe that to be a great accomplishment and I believe that Governor Kasich should be honored if asked.  see: )

They are scared. They are desperate. They are pulling out all of the stops. Trump, a nice guy (for a New York City real estate developer, a peach of a guy) has been called a woman hater, with boards of directors filled with women in the most powerful positions. He has been called a racist, with a bevy of international friends and business associates of every race and religion and an immigrant wife. He has been called everything bad that they can imagine.

Through it he has stood his ground without apology. He acted – well, he acted like a president. Vladimir Putin even conveyed his respect, saying that Trump was the only person running for President who he could respect. I am not a Putin fan, but, it is a good thing for the President to be respected by the leader of a mega-superpower.

Still, with the writing on the wall, the establishment struggles for a way to knock him off of the shelf. They are discussing turning against the voting public and simply refusing to nominate Trump in Cleveland at the convention. They are discussing a banding together of all of the remaining candidates to poll their votes with the second place to defend the position of President from Trump. This is uncharted territory. For decades, no such thought has been put forth.

Why, then,  do they so despise this man who is pulling so many into the Party and who has so significant a lead from the populous and from the electoral college? Why would such a party not embrace a man who is willing to put his business and his personal freedom on hold to help to save the country that he so deeply loves?

Answer:  He is not controlled. (leading one to suppose that the others are) He is not controllable, and he might actually do the things that all of the candidates are promising, and have promised to do for so long, but have failed to execute.

We may actually, one day have a flat tax or some other fair tax structure. We may have fair trade deals where Americans can buy drugs for the same price as Canadians or Mexicans or Scandinavians, instead of ten or twenty or a hundred times as much. We may deal honorably with immigration and hold our borders secure. We may actually deal, at last, with tort reform.

All of those running have promised some part of these things, but, of course, when the time comes, the men with the money will be sitting in the office explaining why we need not address this issue now.

A man with more money than he could spend is pretty hard to influence. He cant be bribed. He won’t be persuaded by the promise of a great book deal or a plush job in retirement or a seat on a board. (He has a jet with gold-plated seat belt buckles.)

That, my friends, is why, in spite of the fact that we want this man to be our next President, they are doing anything that they can do to make sure that it will never happen. If ever there was a time to vote your heart, it truly is now.

Scott Cahill