Early Election Results

Well, the election is over. Trump will be our next president. I believe that it is a good thing. Perhaps we are on the road to healing. I hope so.

My projections were mostly correct. Surely, by now, we all may see the bias of the media and the secondary society that has manifested within our great nation. Change is sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Let us stand together as Americans.

We reached a fork in the road. Perhaps, just perhaps, we may yet get our great nation back on track. Best of luck to all of us.

It would take a real dummy to go on the line, and state what will occur over the next few days, and the results of the pending election. Well, here I am!

Here is how I see this thing playing out; First, let me say, there will be, as there has been a significant amount of manipulation of the vote. I am certain that some of my thoughts will be proven wrong. Nonetheless:

Interactive map by 270toWin.com

I believe that most agree on the core states, It is in the industrial (previously industrial) midwest that Trump will surprise.

I believe that Trump will take Ohio. I believe that he will take Pennsylvania.

Virginia is certainly up for grabs. Tim Kaine is very well liked in Virginia. Rural areas will vote Republican, Charlottesville, Richmond, and the tidewater areas will vote Democrat. Virginia, in my mind is truly a toss-up.

Arizona and Florida will surprise and will vote for Trump. Retirees vote and they are truly fed-up with the status quo.

Ill. will probably go for Hillary, while Wisconsin and Minnesota, I just do not have the information to know. Colorado may surprise. The west coast, including California will keep their heads deep in the sand.

There has never before been such a significant “silent majority” as now exists. Hillary is running a finely crafted machine, bussing inner-city folks to the polls and knocking on doors. They are driven and they are desperate. Trump is not a campaigner – he is not even a politician. That is what many of us like about him, but he is lacking the campaign strength of Hillary. His strength is in his message.

Much is at stake and the future will truly be driven by these results. A great friend of mine, who is very Republican once jokingly said “vote well, and vote often!” I, and he, do not advocate the voting by people who have already voted, nor are we crazy about dead people voting, as they often do.

The only way we fix this run-away train is to show up and vote on Tuesday.

Scott Cahill