The Devious Mr. Putin is Hacking our Elections!

Most discussion in political circles are oversimplifications of complex issues. We all know that change and repair are never black and white. Always, the work is in the grey. Someone said that the work of government is like a road. The progress takes place in the middle, though too much time is spent in the ditches on either side.

Trump is a businessman. There are great things about this and there are bad things, too. We all must wonder how he will succeed in finding middle ground between the stimulation of business and the social responsibility that we want as a nation. I, personally, believe him to be a competent leader, who, I hope, will find equitable balance between the fiscal and social needs of our nation.

One of President Trump’s first challenges is a very important and sensitive problem. Many have been shocked to find that Russia has been hacking our computer infrastructure – can you imagine! We do that to the Russians, but that is, of course, perfectly acceptable. Many of Russia’s diplomats are nothing but a band of spies! We cannot tolerate this kind of subterfuge. We have an embassy full of our own spies, climbing all over Russia, but, of course, that is completely different – and acceptable. Russia has been secretly listening in on our communications! This is absolutely unacceptable. What kind of nation would intentionally tap another nation’s communication infrastructure – you guessed it – we would, and do, constantly.

The double standard is remarkable. An action may be unacceptable, or it is not. If Russia, or North Korea, or Sweden takes an action that we also take, how can we claim a moral high-ground? The truth is obvious and it has been for a very long time. We spy on Russia. We spy on North Korea. We spy on the United Kingdom. We spy on everyone, even our own citizens. It is not the Russians who are out of hand, it is the Americans.

Trey Gowdy said it well at a speech that he made at Liberty University ( ) in which he said “If your goal is to persuade you should not be insulting people.” Still, recently, we have been insulting Russia. We have insulted President Putin, their leader. Are we so insecure in our position in the diplomatic world?

We, The United States of America, have a place on the world stage. Our place is one of leadership. It is our place to show those who would behave badly that a nation can succeed without insulting others, threatening their sovereignty, torturing people, spying on their people, controlling media, taking actions against international law and treaty, then acting inflamed, when others do the same. If we seek respect, we must give it. If we wish to lead, we must not be dragged into the darkness of lawlessness and Imperialism.

We, as a nation, glorify the United Kingdom, who has invaded all of the 200 member states of the U.N. except 22. (Stuart Laycock “All the Countries We’ve Ever Invaded, And The Few We Never Got Round To”) We seem to emulate them, as if their way was better than our own.

We ask permission and we build a group of like-thinking nations to allow us to enter the lands of other sovereign nations and to oust their leaders or topple their governments.

We are, again, demonizing Russia. We have thrown diplomacy out the door in hopes of not losing an enemy. Nations need the attention of an enemy, only, to turn the people’s eyes away from their own plight. We should, and I hope that President Trump shall, have honest and open dialog with Russia, China, North Korea, and, indeed all of the world – if we agree with them or not. Discussion is most needed where there is the greatest disparity of interest and of philosophy.

We have declared “War” on drugs, and on “Terror”. We have failed to protect our children or our nation from drugs and we have not stopped terror, nor shall we. The fixes for such things have nothing to do with war. Terror is retired by a lack of fear. Drugs are retired by a lack of despair.

We have done nothing to build the soul of our nation. We have done nothing to break down the hurdles and walls that keep some from the potential for the realization of the great American Dream. We do not owe anyone the luck nor will to succeed, however they may see success. We do, however, owe every child the avenue to succeed if we are, indeed, the nation that we propose to be.

Scott Cahill