Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

President Elect Donald Trump has selected Rex Tillerson as his pick for Secretary of State. Now, the fools will come out of the woodwork and attack Mr. Tillerson.

He has no diplomatic experience, they will say. He has no experience in government. How can he run the State Department without working there first?

This is not simply political posturing. They actually believe this stuff! They believe that the person who can consider the bloated, ineffective, failing State Dept. is one who is a part of the problem – a massive department that has become controlled from within and without by rogue elements of our security agencies.

Many (those who involve themselves in these secondary efforts – subterfuge) within our government are, no doubt, worried. What will this loose cannon do?

Tillerson is a wonderful selection for Secretary of State. He has the respect of world leaders, particularly those in the most troubled parts of the world. Those relationships were wrought of business needs and, I believe, are of greater value and validity than diplomatic consensus.

I hope that he is confirmed, as I believe that he shall be. He will be one of the greatest Secretaries of State, at a challenging time for world diplomacy.

Scott Cahill