The Universal Theory of Politics

Governor Brown, of California just asked the Trump administration for help with costs associated with rains in California. This is the fourth such request.

Much is wrong with our nation. We have eroded from a nation which respected sovereignty of nations, to a corrupt shadow of our former selves. All that we once stood for has faded from our constitution. We now condone torture. We spy on our citizens. We act punitively against whistle blowers who simply refuse to join the corruption. We torture, we murder. We sign treaties, then turn away and send factions of our intelligence network to act in direct conflict with our agreements. We renege on treaties. Our government lies to its people, it manipulates the press to disseminate propaganda. It uses its massive military inappropriately. It uses its intelligence for reasons that are clearly contrary to law and to the will of the people.

The Iran/Contra affair showed the world a CIA that involved itself in drug running and arms shipments to support the Sandinista Guerillas, which was contrary to international law and treaties. Per Gallup November 21, 2003, only 19% believe that Oswald acted alone in the assassination of Kennedy. More than a third of the people believe that the Mafia and the CIA were involved. The people of the USA have been lied to about much for a long time.

Gallup reports show a loss of trust in government. Truly, the people of the United States no longer trust what their government tells them, and that is a valid feeling

As our Nation evolved, as with all great nations, factions have grown to take advantage and control. Some of this was done for reasons that were honorable, most were not. It matters little what the reasons were for the things that were done. Let all of those who mislead and lie, in a coordinated effort to subordinate the American people know, Americans are not as dumb as you may think.

Little now, is what it appears on the surface. Much is corrupt and much is unjust. Of the three branches of government, it is the Judicial that has been most corrupted and most manipulated. There is much that needs to be fixed.

America is a truly great nation. Americans are special people. If you ask me if Americans can be trusted with their own government, I say yes. If you ask me if Americans are responsible, as a group to have and hold guns, I say yes. If you ask me if American women can control their bodies, without governmental mandate, I say yes. Americans are diverse and they are brilliant. They tend to do all that they do better than others. America is great. Americans are great.

So, the question is how; how can we move forward to justly return the control of government to the people of this great nation? What are the steps to rebuild, a failing democratic society? How do we dispel oligarchy and injustice?

Eisenhower’s farewell address, January 17, 1961 said that we must beware the Military Industrial Complex. It has grown to consume the wealth and the soul of our nation. We must protect our sovereignty, but, too, we must retire from being the police of the world, and we must stop disrupting the valid governments of the world unless they take military action against our nation.

Kennedy made a statement a few days before he was killed. In that statement he said that secret societies should be repugnant to a democratic society. He was making a valid point. Kennedy had dealt directly with the fractioning of the CIA and he dealt with personal threats from the FBI. This collection of data from citizens of our nation must cease completely and immediately. Our government can be trusted only by the oversight of its people. Clearly we are failing. No American citizen should be surveilled without a warrant justly drawn and properly executed with clear and decisive reason. Such warrants should be issued by local judges, not “special” judges or secret grand juries.

Return to the basis of the Documents of our Republic:

Many things have been done to distort the constitutional basis for our nation. It is these few documents that hold the plan for the repair, as it was these documents that served to guide us through these years. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence clearly show the intent of the forefathers for a nation that applied justice across all classes in an equitable manner. I believe that we can universally agree that this has been bastardized of late by an unbalance of the branches, by an organized assault on our nation, our government, a corruption of our security agencies, and a general and universal abandonment of the principals of equity.

Just taxation:

The manifestation of these changes are in an unfair and unjust taxation. Certainly the men who acted out at the Boston Tea Party would be sickened by the reality of the taxes that are shouldered by Americans today. Jefferson and Franklin are rolling over in their graves, and the ghost of Patrick Henry screams out his willingness for confrontation of such injustice. Are there such men in our midst today? I say yes.

Term Limits:

We must install term limits to Congress. Without them, there shall continue to be men who sell their votes for reelection. The institutionalization by a few senior politicians, controlling the processes limits new and diverse thoughts and the introduction of new ideas. We must return again Congress to the people of the United States.

Tort Reform:

We must have honorable tort reform. It is unjust to allow awards to be levied against attractive targets in inequitable amounts because of a perceived ability to pay, of a punitive action, wrought of jealousy of wealth. Justice must, again, stand for the poor man and for the rich man equally. We must have election reform that must be a bipartisan effort at developing equitable counting of votes. We must make honorable and just redistricting.


The education system must be improved to allow for students to explore their own interests and to allow the market to drive the types of abilities learned. Vocational learning must be a vital and significant part of our educational system. Schools should be for children to learn. Those who are disruptive or unwilling should be removed to allow the atmosphere of learning to continue. Children and young adults should pursue the education of their desire including art, science, mathematics, and vocational pursuits. We must begin, as a nation, to again respect the great tradesmen of America.

Welfare:  America must stop paying people to not work. There must be work programs to move people, over a given time, out of the welfare system, food stamps, WIC, etc. Those who do not find gainful employment within a set time, must be taken off of the support. Those who cannot find other work must work for the government at a county level, providing services such as sweeping walkways, maintaining parks, cutting weeds and picking up trash along roadways. They will be compensated at a set rate for the hours worked. This should not be an easy nor an attractive job, but one of necessity, promoting the growth of the individual out into the labor pool.

Foreign Aid:

America must stop paying the nations of the world for their friendship. We should build our national military, while paring significantly bases overseas. We should stop all foreign aid that is not producing positive results for the U.S.A. We are supplying low interest loans to Ireland! Ireland does not need our money. We must stop repairing the infrastructure of other nations, and rebuild our own. We must put America and Americans first again.

Equitable and understandable drafting of legislation:

We must make a requirement for simple bills. All bills put forth should be required to fit on two pages. No more than one subject should appear on a bill. Anyone should be able to read the proposed bill. No secondary item or addenda should be allowed on a bill, each issue requiring a vote and subject to debate.


The war on drugs has failed miserably. Our government consorted with known traffickers of drugs, even flying their drugs into the United States. This was being done as Nancy Reagan said “just say no”. So many now die from heroin overdose that refrigerated trucks hold bodies at overcrowded morgues. We must stop this insane war on ourselves, and offer honorable help and treatment to our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who suffer with addiction. Non-punitive policing and assistance must be offered to help those dependent to try to recover, and let us turn law enforcement from a military operation to a public service again. Stop taking people’s possessions. Stop seizing money from drug deals. Stop profiting from working prisoners as slaves. Prisoners should work, but for the public good, not to produce profit for those who imprison them.

Banking and finance:

We must address the Federal Reserve Bank remove it after the system becomes, again, market driven, return again to a gold standard, and set specific standards for control of banking institutions which promote the development of small local banks and which promote the dissolution of the super-banks which now are controlling the banking system of the United States. We must, in all things, allow the market to drive value and exchange. Manipulation of these things has always failed as is attested to by the recent near loss of our entire system.

There are great challenges ahead. If we are to save our democratic republic, without the shedding of blood, we must start to honorably address these difficult but necessary issues as a nation, and move again toward justice and equity for all Americans.

Scott Cahill