Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine Democratic Ticket ?

Tim Kaine is my friend. We disagree on some things. There are many, however, on which we completely agree. He exemplifies the qualities of a politician. Some of that is good, some bad, but as Tim once said to me, “one must do certain things in order to get into the position that allows one to be able to do those things that matter most” (paraphrased).

A very long time ago Mr. Kaine (now Governor or Senator Kaine) sat with me in Richmond, Va. and we talked. It was a long conversation and it was a conversation between trusted friends. In that conversation he said to me “Scott, one day I intend to be Governor of Virginia” I laughed. He was serious, though, and he looked me in the eye without smiling and said something like “I will be Governor”

Decades have since passed and I have been proud of what my friend has accomplished. He did it differently than I might have, but he did the things that he set out to do and he did them well. I last saw him at Creigh Deeds’ speech in Hampton Roads, Va. and it was wonderful to see him, and to get a brief time to talk with President Obama and Senator Kaine.

I had expected to see Senator Kaine as a candidate for President in this cycle. He is a party guy and he is a brilliant strategist and politician. Hillary Clinton, another brilliant person, who does things, also does many of those things differently than would I.

I recently heard that she is considering Senator Kaine for her vice-president.

Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State Photo

There is no single man in the U.S. who would be a better V.P. for Senator Clinton. He would be a great asset to her administration, and he would be a great asset to her campaign. He offsets her hawkish demeanor and he brings organization to her campaign at a time when it is desperately needed. Also, he has the political collateral to galvanize the Democratic party at a time when the Republican party is coming apart at the seams.

One thing, though, is certain, as my good friend, David Johnson (Columbiana County Republican Chairman) recently said to me, “This will be an interesting election”

Scott Cahill

Senator Kaine

Hillary relied on Tim Kaine to bring Virginia to the Democrats. He did not disappoint, I believe that Senator Kaine is a smart, experienced, competent gentleman. He is what a politician is supposed to be. Though I supported Trump, I will support Tim when the time comes – and the time will come.

I have known Tim for decades. We are not close friends, but we are friends, and we remain friends today, as we were yesterday. As I said before Hillary chose him as her running mate, he was the best choice that she could have made. The failure was her failure, not a reflection on Senator Kaine. In fact, the Clinton campaign would not have done as well without him.

Many have called me a Republicat, this because I am unafraid to support a great candidate regardless of party. I guess that I must be. I think that blind voting by party is much of the kind of thinking that got our great nation to this point.

If you read this, Tim, congratulations on a fight well fought. One day, I will be supporting you, not for the second position in our great nation, but for the first. Job well done. Keep your chin up and stay proud.

Scott Cahill