The Battle against Growing Old

I have bounced like a metal pinball through life and history. Much like Forrest Gump, I am slow to see some things, yet hold a deep understanding of others. I am an outsider to the world, a man of honor without a worthy cause. Tilting at windmills in search of a worthy opponent or a viable cause.

Life would be so much simpler in battle, to take the hill, or die in the arms of comrades, young and strong forever, a hero. It was not to be. I am an old man, facing the decline that age inevitably assesses on us all, unprepared for this erosion of competence, unwilling to retire from the fray, seeking battle when the war has ended, unable to face the inevitable.

Oh, for another time or place – one where there were lands to take, tyrants to slay, damsels to free!

Scott Cahill