Taking of our Guns, Taking of our Lives.

There is a movement across the United States to register and to take all guns from the citizens. This action has happened before so many times throughout history. Each time it ends in tyranny. Each time it ends in death. Never does a government take arms from law-abiding citizens for safety. Still, always that is the promise “surrender your weapons and we will care for you”. Never are those stripped of their protection cared for. They are sent on cattle cars to detention centers. They are lined up along ditches and shot, their bodies in heaps at the bottom of the mass grave, or they are simply left to slowly starve.
In Virginia and in Ohio the men who we sent to act on our behalf are, instead acting against us. They are moving quickly to take the rights clearly defined in our Constitution. They tell us that “they will care for us”. They will not. As they make their lists of those with guns, those on social media supporting the second amendment, those who speak out, they plan. They plan your future, your death. For, it is death that is your future and there is no other way. If you give a little or a lot, the erosion of rights will never end until your final right is surrendered, your right to life.
To most. it seems improbable that some could be so hard as to kill others in order to steal from them resources. To us it seems unreasonable to think that there are men who would kill women and children for a dollar or a loaf of bread. For us it is impossible to imagine that there exist men who wish to take food from the mouths of the starving for their feast. Still, it is so. To those who think it improbable, look at the reflections of history where you will see again and again the taking by those with much from those with little until, at last those with little have nothing, left begging for bread or life from those with everything.
They cower and walk into cattle cars, to concentration camps. They cower and beg for a handout from those with much. They cower and serve the new elite and do as they are told out of fear. They plead “Please, master a piece of your left-over bread for my children”. and they are answered “I will care for you”.
In the coming world there will be but two classes the upper and the lower. You will be in the lower. The man who now helps to orchestrate these actions will be in the lower. Most will die.
Few will live as servants of the elite. We will work in their factories and on their yachts. We will wash their cars and aircraft and, if told, their feet. Our daughters will be their sex toys, our wives will be theirs at their whim. We will have nothing. No home, no family, no God, no hope. That is the life of a servant. That is the life that a man deserves who had everything, and gave it away for the promise of being cared for.

Scott Cahill

Epstein A Sad Methodology and a Sad Time

Jeffery Epstein

It is an ugly and disgusting subject, yet it must be addressed or it will never be remedied. The underlying issues are far greater than some disgusting pervert with an airplane and a private island. The underlying issues are within a matrix of events and issues that permeate our society and our government, both national and globally. The beginning of this story predates the first World War. It is anchored in secret societies and subterfuge.

You see, Jeffery Epstein is not a pervert. He is so much more. He is a patriot. His allegiance is greater than his drive for self-preservation (as is that of any true patriot). He is willing to die for the cause for which he acts.

Epstein is not a money manager. He is a pimp who secures little girls and boys for men and women who are unable to exert self-control over improper urges. He is the impetus of their control by men who exert control over all issues and governments throughout the earth. Certainly, some shall label this conspiracy theory, it has all elements of such. I would prefer it to be so. It is not.

J. Edgar Hoover was a sick and a sickening man. He dressed as a woman, attending parties in Georgetown wearing a blue dress and high heels and asking to be referred to as “Mary”. He was a cross-dresser and was gay at a time when such disclosure was certain to destroy one’s opportunities. He overcompensated. As others exercised tolerance and restraint, he began enticing them with women, booze, drugs, motel rooms with cameras hidden and files – so many files.

 He controlled the greatest men with his threats of exposure including presidents, and Congressmen. He believed that every man has something to hide and he was out to get documentation of each frailty of character and to file it for use when he needed it.

Perhaps he was over-compensating for his own perversions, but soon the sick little man held great power, which he exerted at will to compliant lawmakers and celebrities.

He got what he wanted for his fledgling F.B.I. and he got what he wanted for his self-edification. In his twisted mind the Congressmen who were subordinated to him by their embarrassment for a tryst in some hotel room or an indiscretion with another man assured him that, indeed, his twisted sexuality was “normal”.

The other agencies could not help but learn from this sick little man. Soon the national intelligence agencies were busier taping people having sex than they were catching spies or finding secrets. It was much easier to extract secrets from one who had given themselves over through unspeakable transgression than to do the hard and dangerous work of espionage.

This revelation spread through the intelligence communities, threatening and destroying otherwise good men until a terrible thing began to happen. Over time the societal shift of the seventies caused the subjects of these “honey traps”, as they are called to become non-compliant. Men no longer would betray their position or country to save themselves from the embarrassment of disclosure. Such a man was Martin Luther King who refused to allow his transgression, filmed in a hotel room with “another woman” to dissuade him from greatness. Men began to admit that they were gay, or had made a mistake and the whole thing became more difficult. Fortunately for these agencies and the men who run them – not the men who you think, but the few men who actually run them – there are other things that are so heinous that they can not be overcome. Such a thing is pedophilia. It is universally disgusting to everyone for the most obvious of reasons.

The agencies took up this, as their new controlling mechanism. With the successful enticement of the powerful and the promotion into positions of power of those who participated in such acts they regained and held their control. Again, they had men and women enslaved by their actions to act as pawns, puppets of these agencies and the man behind the curtain who managed the agencies actions.

Epstein’s allegiance is not to the United States. It is to Israel. He is a cog in a machine that manipulates our movie industry, our news media, our Congress, and so many other elements of our society. His job is to entice men of power to do that which is unacceptable with booze and drugs and young beautiful girls the men and women, so cultured, are willing slaves to the policy of Israel, even beyond their responsibility to their own country. It is not just Americans who fell into Epstein’s trap, but royalty of many other countries, stars, athletes, any who wielded power were enticed.

 Many succumbed, accepting the advances of a girl who was introduced and later disclosed to be seventeen, then, entrapped, the “norm” fell off, as if it no longer mattered, falling deeper and deeper into the web until there was no way out, surrounded by so many others of the same societal influence participating in the same unspeakable actions. There are many other “Epsteins” who are not caught. They hold allegiance to others, Brittan, Saudi Arabia, The United States. The defining difference, sadly, is only that this one got caught. He had believed himself immune from the law.

Jon Benet Ramsey and a million little girls and boys like her are those who are hurt. It is the innocent that are always hurt the most by war, be it cold war or firefight, always it is the innocent, the children, to whom the injustice is the greatest. This is the saddest state of mankind. This is the saddest state of government, this is the saddest state of espionage, when we take success through the abandonment of all else, to find when completed that all else is lost. It is the emptiness in a child’s eyes. That is deeper than death.

Jeffery Epstein will die in prison, or he will be let free to quickly die in some other creative way. It is what he deserves. For those of us who remain, we must ask, is this the kind of espionage that we find acceptable is intelligence so dear, so untouchable, as to be paid for with the souls of children?

Scott Cahill

A C.V. of my past experience relative to dams and infrastructure

Scott P. Cahill


I have directly managed or supervised many hundreds of millions of dollars of work across the United States over the past forty-five years, including constructing and repairing dams, bridges, airports, petrochemical and chemical plants and buildings, water and wastewater treatment plants, electrical sub-stations, large industrial plants, docks and water-based construction, and pipeline pump stations. I have constructed earthen, concrete, and stone dams and have completed repairs to hundreds of dams. I am the Director of Watershed Services, Inc. which has specialized in water-related construction (both underwater and above), including dam repair and maintenance and related consulting services for the past eighteen years.

I have been directly involved in issues of dam and infrastructure safety throughout the United States, participating in the training of dam owners and dam safety officials at many events and conferences including state-wide, regional, and national. Topics have included construction, means and methods, safety, and training for many organizations, as well as politics and physics.

I am nationally-recognized as an expert in the repair and construction of infrastructure, including dams and heavy civil structures. I have been interviewed on national and local news stories about dams throughout the United States. Media regularly solicits my comments on issues of infrastructure and dam safety. I have assisted in drafting dam regulation and legislation, and have authored white papers on infrastructure maintenance. My blogs have readership as high as 400,000 per piece, covering issues of infrastructure, physics, and politics (See LinkedIn and ScottCahill.org).

Please refer to my LinkedIn page for additional information, including video of media appearances and copies of magazine articles:             linkedin.com/in/scott-cahill-b8b20428

Positions held:

C I Ohio, Ltd.                                                 2012 – Present                        President

Full Sail Consulting, IBC                                    2002 – 2009                        Director

Dam Safety Engineering Inc.                        2008 – 2011                        Director

Watershed Services Inc.                        2001 – Present                        Director

S. P. Cahill & Assoc., Inc.                        1995 – 2001                        President

Waco, Inc.                                                1991 – 1994                        Business Development Manager

Dixie Constructors, Inc.                                    1988 – 1991                        Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

W. Wilson, Inc.                                                1986 – 1988                        President / Chief Executive Officer

E. L. Jones & Sons, Inc.                                    1982 – 1986                        Vice President / Senior Project Manager

E. E. Austin, Inc.                                    1978 – 1982                        Estimator / Project Manager

Poling & Bacon Construction                        1976 – 1978                        Superintendent of Construction

H & L Development Corp.                        1972 – 1976                        Superintendent of Construction

Projects Supervised or Managed (partial list of heavy/civil, omitting most building projects):

Air National Guard Refueling Station for tanker aircraft            Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

American Hoist & Derrick Assembly Plant and Wharf            Wilmington, North Carolina

ARCO Refinery Spill Remediation            Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Augusta Dam Repairs (4 dams)            Augusta County, Virginia

Baden Shores WWTP Lagoon Dam Repair (Consultant)            New London, North Carolina

Barker’s Mill Dam Repair & Hydraulic Gate Replacement            Mechanicsville, Virginia

Bear Creek Lake State Park Dam Rehabilitation            Cumberland County, Virginia

Bear Creek Lake State Park Erosion and Sediment Control            Cumberland County, Virginia

Bear Gap Dam # 6 Ice Inhibitor System            Bear Gap, Pennsylvania

Bear Gap Dam # 6 Valve Replacement            Bear Gap, Pennsylvania

Bear Gap Spillway Repairs Dams #2 and #5            Bear Gap, Pennsylvania

Berry Farm Wastewater Treatment Facility            Verona, Virginia

Bexley Dam Chemical Grout Repair            Chesterfield, Virginia

Birdhaven Dam Repair, Lord Fairfax SWCD            Strasburg, Virginia           

Bogue Shore Club Condominiums Bayfront Mid-rise            Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Boon Lake POA Dam Repair            Providence, Rhode Island

Brandywine Pump Station Construction            Brandywine, Pennsylvania

Brandywine Pump Station Dam Construction            Brandywine, Pennsylvania

Briery Creek Dam Repair            Rockingham Co. Virginia

Calsicat Chemical Plant Expansion            Erie, Pennsylvania

Camp 5 Dam Repair (Prince William Forest Park – Federal)            Quantico, Virginia

Canada Run Dam Repair            Augusta County, Virginia

Columbia Gas – Various Mechanical Renovations            West Virginia

Conowingo Pump Station Construction            Conowingo, Maryland

Conowingo Pump Station Dam Construction            Conowingo, Maryland

Crump’s Creek Bridge Grout Repair (VDOT)            Hanover County, Virginia           

Doswell Wastewater Treatment Plant Addition            Doswell, Virginia

Douthat State Park Concrete Coring, Sounding, and Testing            Clifton Forge, Virginia

Douthat State Park Dam Repair (12/99)            Clifton Forge, Virginia

Douthat State Park Emergency Dam Repair (8/97)            Clifton Forge, Virginia

Douthat State Park Hydraulic Gate Replacement and Automation              Clifton Forge Virginia

Emporia Dam Installation of Steel Bulkhead at Turbine #3            Emporia, Virginia

Falling Creek Dam Grouting, Gate, and Concrete Repair            Richmond, Virginia

Falling Creek Dam Slip Line            Roanoke, Virginia

Fredericksburg Fish Ladder            Fredericksburg, Virginia

Gardy’s Mill Pond Spillway Grouting            Lancaster County, Virginia

General Electric Plant of the Future            Erie, Pennsylvania

General Electric Rail Yard            Erie, Pennsylvania

Hammermill Paper Renovation            Erie, Pennsylvania

Hanover-Caroline SWCD Dam Repair            Hanover County, Virginia

Hearthstone Dam Repairs            Augusta County, Virginia

Hershey Well Pumping Station            Stuarts Draft, Virginia

Highlands Dam Spillway Repair            Chesterfield, Virginia

Hilliard Mill Pond Dam Spillway Construction            Urbanna, Virginia

Hobart Crude Oil Pump Station            Chicago, Illinois

Hogan Dam Inspection            Pulaski, Virginia

Holiday Lake State Park Dam Operator System Repair            Buckingham County, Virginia

Hopewell Cogeneration Package Boiler Installation            Hopewell, Virginia

Hungry Mother Emergency Coffer Dam Installation            Marion Virginia

Hungry Mother State Park Dam Repair (several projects)            Marion, Virginia

Hungry Mother State Park Dam Valve Replacement and Automation            Marion, Virginia

Inch Branch Dam Repair            Augusta County, Virginia

Indian Acres Dam Grouting            Fredericksburg, Virginia

James Madison University Dam Inspection            Harrisonburg, Virginia

James River Underwater Coring Project (Contaminated Soils)            Hopewell, Virginia

James River Water Pipeline Installation            Richmond, Virginia

Kent Lake Dam Valve Repair at Woodhaven            New Kent, Virginia

Kiptopeke State Park Dredging            Kiptopeke, Virginia

Lake Accotink Dam Observation Wells and Drains            Fairfax, Virginia

Lake Caroline Dam Spillway Cut Off Wall            Ruther Glen, Virginia

Lake Monticello Dam Rehabilitation            Palmyra, Virginia

Lake Monticello Dam Grout Injection Repair of High Velocity Leak            Palmyra, Virginia

Lake of the Clouds Dam Repairs            Shenandoah, Virginia

Lake of the Woods Dam Valve Installation (Underwater)            Midlothian, Virginia

Lake Salisbury Dam Spillway Repair and Valve Replacement            Midlothian, Virginia

Lake Shalom Dam Repair and Valve Replacement            Danville, Virginia

Lake Wilderness Dam Inspection and Outfall Grouting            Fredericksburg, Virginia

Laurel Bed Dam Repairs, Clinch Mountain WMA            Russel County, Virginia

Leeward Harbor Condominiums Oceanfront Development            Morehead City, North Carolina

Lofton Lake Dam Repair            Augusta County Virginia

Manassas Dam Inspection            Manassas, Virginia

Martens Dam Repair            Madison County, Virginia

Mitchell’s Dam Historic Dam Inspection             Emporia, Virginia

Moorefield Dam Spillway Grouting Project            Richmond, Virginia

Morgan Lake Dredging Project            Chesterfield, Virginia

Mountain Run Dam Grouting Repair            Montpelier, Virginia

Musket Ridge Dam Repair & Grout Injection            Gaithersburg, Maryland

Myers Dam Repair (Severe Internal Erosion)            Montpelier, Virginia

Natural Tunnel State Park Emergency Leak-Stopping            Duffield, Virginia

Occoneechee State Park Boat Ramp Repair            Clarksville, Virginia

Oliver Dam Rehabilitation and Valve Replacement            Purcellville, Virginia

Omisol Dam Spillway Grouting            Woodbridge, Virginia

Otter Lake Dam Repair (Federal)            Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia           

Pennsylvania Electric Coal Slurry System            Erie, Pennsylvania

Phillipsburg Plaza Flood Control Dike            Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania

Piedmont SWCD Dam Repair (Debris Removal)            Farmville, Virginia

Pocahontas Lake Dam Sealant Replacement in Structure            Chesterfield, Virginia

Pocahontas Lake Dam Leak Repair, Pocahontas State Park            Chesterfield, Virginia

Powhatan Dams Construction of 2 Outfall Structures            Powhatan County, Virginia

Radnor Lake Dam Repair (Tennessee State Park)            Brentwood, Tennessee

Reisterstown Pump Station Construction            Reisterstown, Maryland

Reisterstown Pump Station Dam Construction            Reisterstown, Maryland

Robinson Hollow Dam Repair            Augusta County, Virginia

Shenandoah Farms Dam Inspections            Shenandoah, Virginia

South Boston Raw Water Intake, Generator, Screen Cleaning System            South Boston, Virginia

South Boston Re-piping water treatment screens u/w Dan River            South Boston, Virginia

St John’s Creek Dam Repair            Craig County, Virginia

Stafford County Ponds 2A and 4A Dam Repair            Stafford, Virginia

Starlit Ponds Dams Repair            Fairfax, Virginia

Summer Walk Dam Slip Line            Mechanicsville, Virginia

Summit Dam Toe Drain Slip-Line            Cross Junction, Virginia

Takeda Chemical Plant, Phase One            Wilmington, North Carolina

The Laurels Dam Repair            Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Tufton Lake Dam Repair and Valve Replacement and Automation            Palmyra, Virginia

Turkey Creek Bridge Repair and Slope Stabilization            Hanover County, Virginia

Twin Lakes State Park Dam Repair            Green Bay, Virginia

Wilde Lake Dam Repair and Slip Line            Glen Allen, Virginia

Woodstock Dam Repair             Woodstock, Virginia

York River State Park Maintenance Dredging            Croaker, Virginia

Building construction projects (hundreds) including ocean-front midrise structures, buildings and renovations in Richmond, Virginia, Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Raleigh, North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina, Morehead City, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia Langley, Virginia. Shopping centers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and New York. Restaurants in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia, and elsewhere, Hospitals in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Oil City, Pennsylvania, Richmond, Virginia, Erie, Pennsylvania, and others. Military and intelligence installations in Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia, Dahlgren, Virginia, Langley, Virginia, and others. Historical Renovations in Richmond, Virginia, Salem, Ohio, and others. Parking decks in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Erie, Pennsylvania, Dallas, Texas. Prisons in Virginia, others.

Published Articles

“From Old to New-Replacing a 100-Year-Old Valve with a New Hydraulic Gate,” International Water Power and Dam Construction (published in The Netherlands), Scott Cahill, November 2005

“Finding A Replacement at Douthat and Hungry Mother Dams,” International Water Power and Dam Construction, Scott Cahill and Lisa Cahill, November 17, 2006

“Underwater Valve Replacement at Radnor Lake,” The Journal of Dam Safety (publication of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials or ASDSO), Scott Cahill, Spring 2009.

Media Appearances

“Funding Needed for Aging Dams,” CBS Evening News (national), Scott Cahill, October 2005

“Watching Over Virginia’s Dams,” Richmond Times Dispatch, Scott Cahill and Rex Harrison (reporter), March 2006

“Less Rain, But New England Dams Eyed: Record Flooding Puts Pressure on Aging Dams, Forces Evacuations,” CBS Evening News (national), Scott Cahill, May 2006

“The Condition of Dams in Virginia – Parts 1 and 2,” WTVR (Local CBS Affiliate), Scott Cahill with Shelby Brown, October 2005.

“Cahill; don’t let downtown crumble,” Salem News, September 18, 2013

Interview by Michael DeSantis at the Inauguration of President Trump discussing inaugural speech. Michael is a successful political analyst and the youngest man to ever run a national campaign. The interview was shared on M. DeSantis’ and Cahill’s blogs.

“At a turning point Salem enjoys renaissance”, Josh Medore, Business Journal Daily, 2017

“New life breathed into old buildings in Salem” Dan O’Brien, Business Journal Daily, June 2, 2017. Congressman

 Bill Johnson meeting with Scott Cahill at Courtyard Square, Salem, Ohio

“Johnson tours Salem’s Courtyard Square complex,” Mary Ann Greier, Salem News, June 2, 2017

“Merchants, mayor witness Salem coming back”, Josh Medore, Business Journal Daily April, 15, 2015.

“Nestic; joint effort needed for revitalized downtown” Mary Ann Greier, Salem News. March 29 2013.

“Input on downtown effort sought” Mary Ann Greier, Salem News, Jan. 8, 2013

“Deal in place for Butler Building sale” Salem News, Nov. 20, 2013

“Pastor, congregation protest idea of pushing churches out of downtown” Salem News Nov. 8, 2012

Agenda 21 Radio, Paul Preston, multiple interviews regarding Oroville Dam 2017-2019

“Complete Failure at Oroville Dam,” American Thinker, Chriss Street, March 18, 2019

“Scott Cahill: Collapse Risk at Oroville Dam Is Still Unacceptably High,” Peak Prosperity Podcast, Adam Taggart, August 20, 2017

Various other media appearances and articles local to various projects including Friendship Towers renovation in Erie, Pennsylvania and others unrelated to construction.


“Warning Signs of Dam Failure,” Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association (VLWA), a chapter of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), Virginia Beach, Virginia, Scott Cahill, March 2002

“Conduits, Pipes, and Valves – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly,” Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Scott Cahill, March 2003

“Inspecting the Inaccessible,” Association of State Dam Safety Officials Western Regional Conference, Oklahoma City, OK, Scott Cahill, May 2003

“Views from Down Under – Underwater Inspection of Dams,” Dam Owners’ Workshops presented in 3 locations throughout Virginia, Scott Cahill with Schnabel Engineering, March 2004

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“Safe Operations in Confined Spaces in Dams and Conduits,” Virginia Department of Transportation Safety Meeting, Scott Cahill, September 2006

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“The Team Approach to Dam Repair Projects,” Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association, Scott Cahill, March 2009

“Repairing Leaks in Earthen Dams for Engineers and Sophisticated Dam Owners,” Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association, March 2011

The Oroville Dam, The Liberty Tour, Live Oak, California, April 2017, a critique of events that created the evacuation and near-failure of Oroville Dam and the Bill of Rights. (Speech given after Don Bongino about the issues relative to the founding documents.)

Project Awards

American Council of Engineering Companies Engineering Excellence “Grand Award” was given to Froehling and Robertson Engineers for Laurel Bed Dam Repairs project, on which Watershed Services, Inc. was the contractor.

Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association Best Maintained Dam Award was given to Lake Salisbury Dam after an extensive project completed by Watershed Services, Inc, which included valve replacement (without loss of pool) and complete spillway rehabilitation and sealant replacement.

Committees and Special Initiatives

FEMA Conduits Through Embankment Dams Publication Review, 2009 (withdrew due to family emergency)

Virginia Chapter, American Society of Civil Engineers, Infrastructure Report Card for Dams, 2009

California Chapter, American Society of Civil Engineers, Infrastructure Report Card for Dams, 2018

Technical Advisory Committee for Changes to Dam Regulations, Commonwealth of Virginia, 2007-2008 (dates approx.)

Committee for Changes to Dam Legislation, Commonwealth of Virginia, 2008-2009 (dates approx.) Including testifying before the Virginia House of Delegates Subcommittee on Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources and the Virginia Senate Subcommittee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources. I was the sole person selected to represent the construction and engineering community before these committees. Also included advocating for the changes directly with certain state Congressmen.

Formed and managed the Technical Advisory Committee for the Salem Downtown initiative, organized committees and chaired committees, coordinated, drafted, and wrote the plan (Seventy-seven page detailed recommendations including regulation and legislation), and oversaw its implementation to renovate a failed downtown and bring occupancy of the downtown from seven percent of occupiable space to near seventy percent in five years, coached businesses and incubated twenty five new or moved businesses into downtown Salem (my home town).

Development of Real Estate

Sovereign Building, downtown Richmond, Virginia – purchased, renovated, and sold downtown building (mid 1990s)

Sandy Feet, Topsail Island, Surf City, N.C.  Development with nine oceanfront townhomes and P.O.A. (1995)

Half a city block purchased and renovated, occupied and sold (four buildings), Salem, Ohio. Sold and financed. (2012-15)

Courtyard Square, seven adjoining Turn of the Century buildings historically renovated into a mixed-use development with interior mall. All buildings renovated, leased and occupied (35,000 sf) Twenty-five new businesses were formed, incubated, or moved to this mall. Twenty-three remain operational in the downtown.

Save Downtown Salem Downtown Revitalization Effort – Technical Advisory Committee organized, formed, and managed to transform a failing downtown. I formed the Salem Downtown TAC, organized it into committees, drafted a report and submitted it to the city council, lobbied for the implementation of the recommendations, and successfully transformed a downtown with seven percent occupancy into a vibrant community of restaurants and shops.

Professional Licenses and Certifications

USCG Captain 100-Ton License with sailing and towing endorsement – current

Transport Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card) security credential to enter ports, etc. – current

Security clearances – various as needed – to work in secured areas including military and intelligence facilities (CIA, FBI, et al) – not current

Pilot’s License Multi-engine instrument pilot – current

Aircraft Mitsubishi MU-2 turboprop certification

Blasting license – approx. 2001-2002

Class-A Contractors Licenses – many over the years including requirements for most states east of the Mississippi. These included at various times Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, others as required. I took the exam in different states for companies for whom I worked over the years and sat for all of my companies’ licenses.

Commercial Diver Supervisor Supplied Air Diver (helmet diver supervisor) I held this license from the Assoc. of Diving Contractors International. – lapsed, not renewed. S.C.U.B.A. license issued in 1965 by the YMCA. It was issued but did not become effective until I reached the age of thirteen, two years from its issuance. I was one of the early divers, starting at ten years old, and have, since completed thousands of dives. PADI certification also.

Mueller Report

It is not the AG’s job to protect the president. It is also not an AG’s job to protect those executing a coup. The witch hunt which we were assured would result in the impeachment of the president under the 25th amendment ended without action by Mueller. His story in the second part of the report has no precedence nor bearing. No investigation offers vindication of any who are investigated, only an indictment or not. Mueller was armed with falsehoods paid for by Hillary and the DNC. He was pushed on by a group of traitors at the uppermost level of the FBI who arranged, disseminated and lied about this false information’s origin to persuade a FISA court to execute a warrant. With that warrant they then spied on an active campaign and subsequently a cabinet of our President. If these assertions are accurate, no amount of flamboyant writing on the part of Mueller, no statement on behalf of the frustrated candidate or President can alter the situation, which is a situation of intent to subvert a duly elected official of the United States, its President. If these assertions are correct these actions are treasonous. (Via Google “nounthe crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government…synonyms: treachery, lese-majesty; Morethe action of betraying someone or something.plural noun: treasons) Two illegalities occurred one was an act off treason in an effort to dislodge our sitting President, the second was an act of leaking classified information to press and public to distort the perception of this President to the same end.

Q-Anon, Navy Ship Collisions and a Tiny Chinese Chip

The Bloomberg article describes how a tiny Chinese chip was placed in the supply chain for over 30 major US companies. It states, “Amazon reported the discovery to U.S. authorities, sending a shudder through the intelligence community. Elemental’s servers could be found in Department of Defense data centers, the CIA’s drone operations, and the onboard networks of Navy warships.

Based Q’s drop mentioning “Navy ship crashes,” I decided to research some recent incidents involving Navy ships.

Accident #1

February 1, 2017 – USS Antietam, a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser, ran aground and leaked hydraulic oil while attempting to anchor in Tokyo Bay. While no one was injured, damage was done to the propellers to a sufficient degree to cause the leakage of hydraulic oil. It was able to return to base with the help of tug boats. A report of the incident said, “The ship grounded after anchoring out in high winds, officials said. When the crew noticed the ship was dragging its anchor, Antietam got back underway. Shortly after, the crew felt the ship shudder and lose all pitch control in both propellers. “ [2]

Accident #2

May 9, 2017 – USS Lake Champlain, also a Ticondoroga class guided missile cruiser, collided with a 60 foot fishing vessel named Nan Yang 50 in the Sea of Japan. The weather was overcast, with visibility ranging from three to nine nautical miles throughout the morning. The ship was operating in formation along with an aircraft carrier and a South Korean vessel. All of LAKE CHAMPLAIN’s military radars were operational; however, the ship’s commercial radar display on the bridge was not operational due to a system casualty. LAKE CHAMPLAIN was not transmitting its Automatic Identification System (AIS) information, which provides a ship’s location, course, speed, and other pertinent information to nearby vessels. It was not until 10:50 am that LAKE CHAMPLAIN gained radar track and electro-optical sight sensor on NAM YANG 502, at a range of 4.7 nautical miles. For approximately the next 45 minutes, LAKE CHAMPLAIN held intermittent track on NAM YANG 502.

At 11:35 am, LAKE CHAMPLAIN lost radar track on NAM YANG 502, which was then operating at a range of 2.4 nautical miles. While changing course to maintain relative position with the escorted aircraft carrier, LAKE CHAMPLAIN turned in front of the fishing vessel without realizing the risk of collision.

The Navy’s official report concludes, “The LAKE CHAMPLAIN crew was ultimately unprepared for the situation in which they found themselves through a lack of preparation, ineffective command and control, and deficiencies in training.”

Additionally, NAM YANG 502’s global positioning system (GPS) and radio were not functional, which contributed to the collision. [3]

Accident #3

June 19, 2017 2:20 a.m. – Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine flagged container ship named ACX Crystal off the coast of Japan. Killed 7 sailors and injured several others. Weather was clear, but traffic in the area was heavy. The ACX Crystal’s route, provided by vessel-tracking service MarineTraffic, shows that the ship made a sudden turn at about 1:30 a.m., as if trying to avoid something, before continuing eastward. The ACX Crystal then made a U-turn and returned around 2:20 a.m. to the area of the collision. [4]

The Navy’s official findings were that the Officer on Deck (3rd in command) failed to recognize the potential of collision and take evasive action. As it was the crossing vessel, the burden was on it to do so. However, Crystal also failed to take evasive action. The official report doesn’t mention Crystal’s erratic track before the collision, as shown above. Is that because it didn’t want to disclose to the public that (1.) Some component of the ship, perhaps a navigation aid, failed to show the impending collision correctly because a Chinese chip had been implanted? Or (2.) Some component of the Crystal contained a Chinese chip that somehow caused a collision with the American ship?

Accident #4

August 21, 2017 – USS John McCain, a guided missile destroyer,  made a “sudden turn,” colliding with a commercial tanker in Singapore territorial waters and resulting in the deaths of 10 U.S. sailors. The rapid change in direction unintentionally increased the rate of the vessel’s turn, putting it in the path of the Liberian-flagged tanker Alnic MC, the bureau’s report said.

The Navy’s official report of the incident states, “The collision between John S. McCain and Alnic MC was also avoidable and resulted primarily from complacency, over-confidence and lack of procedural compliance. A major contributing factor to the collision was sub-standard level of knowledge regarding the operation of the ship control console.”


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New Inquiry Filed for 9/11 Reinvestigation

Many people know or at least suspect that the actual events of the Kennedy assassination differ from the government narrative produced by the Warren Commission. It’s been 55 years. No one really thinks of those who question the party line as “crazy conspiracy theorists” anymore. The whole event is largely fading into the sands of time.

Many people know, or at least suspect, that the actual events of 9/11 differ from the government narrative produced by the 9/11 Commission. Many people are at least curious as to how an airplane could strike the Pentagon, one of the most heavily fortified buildings on the planet, two hours after we knew we were under domestic attack. But now it’s the 21st Century. Questioners can now talk amongst themselves via social media. They can form groups and organizations. And they have. So how many of these “crazy conspiracy theorists,” these “fringe groups,” are there? They represent thousands of supporters and millions of website readers.


Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (over 3,000 architects and engineers and an additional 22,500 members of the public.)

Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice

Scientists for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth 58 have signed petition

Commissioned and Non-commissioned US Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth

Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth

Veterans for 9/11 Truth

Marines for 9/11 Truth

Musicians for 9/11 Truth

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

Republicans for 9/11 Truth

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Unity

Worldwide Coalition for 9/11 Truth

City groups, including Boston for 9/11 Truth, Rochester

State, provincial, and regional groups including Calgary for 9/11 Truth, New York, Florida, Utah, Vermont, West Texas


And thousands more prominent individuals, such as former FBI Director Louis Freeh, have questioned the public narrative.

In fact, by 2013 a poll found that 38% of Americans have some doubts about the official account of 9/11. By the end of 2016, that number had increased to half.  If half of Americans at least suspect that the 9/11 Commissions original findings, the party line, is wrong, this Grand Jury needs to be empaneled and to use its broad powers to conduct a legitimate inquiry and come to a factual conclusion.

This summer one such group, Lawyers for 9/11 Inquiry, filed a motion with the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York asking that a Grand Jury be impaneled to investigate “certain federal crimes that have been committed in your district” related to 9/11. The first petition, filed in April, has been amended to contain the following list.


Federal Law Criminalizes Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries

Federal Law Criminalizes Providing Material Support to Terrorists

Federal Law Criminalizes the Killing of a Federal Government Agent or Employee

Federal Law Criminalizes Bombings of Places of Public Use and Government Facilities

Federal Law Criminalizes Aiding and Abetting, Accessories, and Conspirators of Federal Crimes


Below are some quotes from the petition, which is 54 pages and followed by 57 Exhibits.

“Overwhelming evidence presented here demonstrates that pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries – not just airplanes or fires – destroyed three steel-framed World Trade Center buildings that day in New York City and killed so many of these people. By law, the Department of Justice through the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York must present this evidence to a grand jury. Justice for these victims requires nothing less and the soul of our nation commands it.”

“The evidence in this Petition goes well beyond rumor and innuendo. It includes forensic data, expert analysis, and eyewitness testimony from First Responders, WTC employees and by-standers who were on the scene at the time of the attacks.”

“The Lawyer’s Committee has reviewed the relevant available evidence, including the evidentiary materials attached hereto and referenced herein, and has reached a consensus that there is not just substantial or persuasive evidence of yet-to-be prosecuted crimes related to the use of pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries to destroy WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC7 in New York City on 9/11, but there is actually conclusive evidence that such federal crimes were committed.”

Lisa Cahill

A Great Storm is on the Horizon

Our great nation has been hijacked. We are no longer free men. Much is not as it seems. Much is tenuous, many good people have been fooled by truly evil players. The time is upon us to take back the tenants of honor and equity and freedom upon which our nation was founded. The founding fathers of our great nation foresaw this day coming. They could not know the technology that we now have, still, they understood completely, the tendency of men toward domination over others. It is, at last, time for the “storm”.

Scott Cahill


I am Deeply Honored to be Included in those who are Threatened.

I am a writer. I am a supporter of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. This is a veiled threat, forwarded to me through a website located in South Korea. It is intended to silence me. It shall not. It, instead, is motivational. It shows me that the assertions that I address are accurate and that those who wish to damage our republic see me as a threat. I am flattered.

It reads:  “Don’t wear seatbelts, lest you drown in your own urine?” I suppose that it could be just some nut, still, forwarding through a South Korean website is rather sophisticated. Much is not as it seems. Much shall soon come to light.

Scott Cahill

The Redevelopment of a Small Industrial-Based city in the midwest

For the past two years I have been undertaking an effort to redevelop a small city in the midwest, Salem, Ohio. The effort was driven by the decline of the city both fiscally and the loss of significant architecture and business, particularly retail, in the downtown district.

Salem is a small city of twelve thousand residents. The city is located about midway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. It has significant architectural value with 1900 era buildings and has a rich history which includes the Underground Railroad and Women’s suffrage movements. John F. Kennedy spoke in Salem during his campaign in 1960. In 1850 the second Womens rights convention was held in Salem. Many of the structures are directly associated with these historical events. I like to call Salem the “Forest Gump” of cities, because of its inadvertent touches with history.

The negative issues that this city faces:

With the loss of the industrial base of the Industrial Revolution, there was a significant decline in employment and quality of employment during the period of 1950 to the present. The city declined from financial prominence to a polarity of wealth with a small percentage of the populous controlling a large segment of wealth. Employment within the immediate area of the city offered only $ 44,000 income per annum per family. Exacerbating this polarity was the declining industrial base rewarding those who refused active investment and chose passive investment.

The result of the aforementioned issues is a community of wealth and poverty. Because of the need for the good people of this area to show compassion, there have been many non-profits and well-meaning organizations and individuals who have offered assistance in the form of food, clothing, money, and shelter. The result has been to create a haven for the needy. Reviewing newspaper articles shows the city soliciting low-income housing as early as the 1960’s. The result is, of course, an imbalance of those taking services and those participating in the support of those services.

These mis-actions by the local government have created the current issues that the community must overcome. These issues are the inequity of income, the general low income of the middle class, and the imbalance of the distribution of wealth in the population. Results of this are an increase of drug use and an increase in crime.

Reality of fiscal local politics are that the current income, resulting from a 1% income tax has declined from a gross income of 1.3 million per annum to a a current level of three hundred fifty thousand per annum in the past couple of decades. The response to this spiral of failure has been to curtail spending and the offering of services. This has, of course, created a lessening of the income driving the services, etc.

Further amplifying the negative aspects of this failure, like parasites on a sickened animal, are the corrupt, who flock to any significant source of income. In a challenged environment, such as this, their interference is significant in the evolution of the declining fiscal environment.

Positive attributes of Salem, Ohio:

The people of this area are unique. They are strong, hard-working, good people with a strong work ethic. They are loyal and reliable. They are very special as a people and as a workforce. Many middle-class families enjoy one of both parents employed in two or three jobs to offset the meager incomes provided by the current environment.

The aforementioned issues have resulted in a deficit of opportunities for the people of this city and surrounding areas. Also, it has created a magnificent opportunity for the correct employer. Salem and surrounding areas have a strong, willing, and hard-working workforce. Unemployment and underemployment have produced a dormant workforce that is immediately available. Midwestern values, patriotism, honor, dedication, and loyalty are the hallmark of the people of this area.

The cost of living is necessarily low. A fine home can be purchased for under one hundred thousand dollars. A magnificent home can be purchased for two hundred fifty thousand. DInner costs from seven to twenty dollars in a medium grade restaurant. An executive making one hundred thousand dollars per annum can live like a king in this area.

The city of Salem is architecturally and societally beautiful. Tree-lined streets connect this completely walkable city. The image is accurately that of a Norman Rockwell painting. The beauty of the area, the vegetation, the finely groomed lawns and plantings, and the finish of the city itself is magnificent. The community is one of welcoming openness and accepting.

Personal safety is great and crime is not significant. There are drug issues, but they are small and are being immediately addressed and overcome.

The work required to make the needed repairs:

A Technical Advisory Committee was formed and one hundred forty participants addressed the downtown, (the most significant issue from an income perspective). They made recommendations in a seventy page report, which I authored, suggesting the needed ratios of occupancies, green space, and parking. They suggested altered traffic patterns to increase flow of traffic through the city. They addressed the maintenance of the building inventory and supplied the existing methodologies, through the law to address these issues. Repairs of the issues of the downtown will eventually result in an increase of the downtown tax base of 500%

Salem needs to address the insufficient income of the middle class. This will be accomplished by drawing sophisticated industries to this beautiful city and to employ the capable workforce to its potential. The redevelopment of the downtown is a necessary predecessor of the industrial development effort.

Finally, the issue of corruption must be addressed. I have addressed this by regulatory effort. New procurement regulations are being considered and changes to ordinances are being made to assure open honest procurement. Other efforts are underway to stop unfair practices. This is not a punitive effort, it is one of recognition and repair of the things that have been allowed to exist which are detrimental to the city as a whole.

It has now been almost two years since the results of the TAC have been made public. We have enjoyed significant success and, of course, we have suffered substantial resistance to the recommended change. Statistics prove success of the evolution to date, but we are not beyond the tipping point that we once faced as a city. I believe that over the coming three years we will have positive results with the lagging indicators of family income and individual income. Currently commercial and residential real estate have turned a corner and are appreciating significantly. It is now dependent on efforts of revitalization and industrial development to cement the improvements achieved.


Scott Cahill