New Inquiry Filed for 9/11 Reinvestigation

Many people know or at least suspect that the actual events of the Kennedy assassination differ from the government narrative produced by the Warren Commission. It’s been 55 years. No one really thinks of those who question the party line as “crazy conspiracy theorists” anymore. The whole event is largely fading into the sands of time.

Many people know, or at least suspect, that the actual events of 9/11 differ from the government narrative produced by the 9/11 Commission. Many people are at least curious as to how an airplane could strike the Pentagon, one of the most heavily fortified buildings on the planet, two hours after we knew we were under domestic attack. But now it’s the 21st Century. Questioners can now talk amongst themselves via social media. They can form groups and organizations. And they have. So how many of these “crazy conspiracy theorists,” these “fringe groups,” are there? They represent thousands of supporters and millions of website readers.


Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (over 3,000 architects and engineers and an additional 22,500 members of the public.)

Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice

Scientists for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth 58 have signed petition

Commissioned and Non-commissioned US Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth

Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth

Veterans for 9/11 Truth

Marines for 9/11 Truth

Musicians for 9/11 Truth

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

Republicans for 9/11 Truth

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Unity

Worldwide Coalition for 9/11 Truth

City groups, including Boston for 9/11 Truth, Rochester

State, provincial, and regional groups including Calgary for 9/11 Truth, New York, Florida, Utah, Vermont, West Texas


And thousands more prominent individuals, such as former FBI Director Louis Freeh, have questioned the public narrative.

In fact, by 2013 a poll found that 38% of Americans have some doubts about the official account of 9/11. By the end of 2016, that number had increased to half.  If half of Americans at least suspect that the 9/11 Commissions original findings, the party line, is wrong, this Grand Jury needs to be empaneled and to use its broad powers to conduct a legitimate inquiry and come to a factual conclusion.

This summer one such group, Lawyers for 9/11 Inquiry, filed a motion with the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York asking that a Grand Jury be impaneled to investigate “certain federal crimes that have been committed in your district” related to 9/11. The first petition, filed in April, has been amended to contain the following list.


Federal Law Criminalizes Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries

Federal Law Criminalizes Providing Material Support to Terrorists

Federal Law Criminalizes the Killing of a Federal Government Agent or Employee

Federal Law Criminalizes Bombings of Places of Public Use and Government Facilities

Federal Law Criminalizes Aiding and Abetting, Accessories, and Conspirators of Federal Crimes


Below are some quotes from the petition, which is 54 pages and followed by 57 Exhibits.

“Overwhelming evidence presented here demonstrates that pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries – not just airplanes or fires – destroyed three steel-framed World Trade Center buildings that day in New York City and killed so many of these people. By law, the Department of Justice through the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York must present this evidence to a grand jury. Justice for these victims requires nothing less and the soul of our nation commands it.”

“The evidence in this Petition goes well beyond rumor and innuendo. It includes forensic data, expert analysis, and eyewitness testimony from First Responders, WTC employees and by-standers who were on the scene at the time of the attacks.”

“The Lawyer’s Committee has reviewed the relevant available evidence, including the evidentiary materials attached hereto and referenced herein, and has reached a consensus that there is not just substantial or persuasive evidence of yet-to-be prosecuted crimes related to the use of pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries to destroy WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC7 in New York City on 9/11, but there is actually conclusive evidence that such federal crimes were committed.”

Lisa Cahill

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