Epstein A Sad Methodology and a Sad Time

Jeffery Epstein

It is an ugly and disgusting subject, yet it must be addressed or it will never be remedied. The underlying issues are far greater than some disgusting pervert with an airplane and a private island. The underlying issues are within a matrix of events and issues that permeate our society and our government, both national and globally. The beginning of this story predates the first World War. It is anchored in secret societies and subterfuge.

You see, Jeffery Epstein is not a pervert. He is so much more. He is a patriot. His allegiance is greater than his drive for self-preservation (as is that of any true patriot). He is willing to die for the cause for which he acts.

Epstein is not a money manager. He is a pimp who secures little girls and boys for men and women who are unable to exert self-control over improper urges. He is the impetus of their control by men who exert control over all issues and governments throughout the earth. Certainly, some shall label this conspiracy theory, it has all elements of such. I would prefer it to be so. It is not.

J. Edgar Hoover was a sick and a sickening man. He dressed as a woman, attending parties in Georgetown wearing a blue dress and high heels and asking to be referred to as “Mary”. He was a cross-dresser and was gay at a time when such disclosure was certain to destroy one’s opportunities. He overcompensated. As others exercised tolerance and restraint, he began enticing them with women, booze, drugs, motel rooms with cameras hidden and files – so many files.

 He controlled the greatest men with his threats of exposure including presidents, and Congressmen. He believed that every man has something to hide and he was out to get documentation of each frailty of character and to file it for use when he needed it.

Perhaps he was over-compensating for his own perversions, but soon the sick little man held great power, which he exerted at will to compliant lawmakers and celebrities.

He got what he wanted for his fledgling F.B.I. and he got what he wanted for his self-edification. In his twisted mind the Congressmen who were subordinated to him by their embarrassment for a tryst in some hotel room or an indiscretion with another man assured him that, indeed, his twisted sexuality was “normal”.

The other agencies could not help but learn from this sick little man. Soon the national intelligence agencies were busier taping people having sex than they were catching spies or finding secrets. It was much easier to extract secrets from one who had given themselves over through unspeakable transgression than to do the hard and dangerous work of espionage.

This revelation spread through the intelligence communities, threatening and destroying otherwise good men until a terrible thing began to happen. Over time the societal shift of the seventies caused the subjects of these “honey traps”, as they are called to become non-compliant. Men no longer would betray their position or country to save themselves from the embarrassment of disclosure. Such a man was Martin Luther King who refused to allow his transgression, filmed in a hotel room with “another woman” to dissuade him from greatness. Men began to admit that they were gay, or had made a mistake and the whole thing became more difficult. Fortunately for these agencies and the men who run them – not the men who you think, but the few men who actually run them – there are other things that are so heinous that they can not be overcome. Such a thing is pedophilia. It is universally disgusting to everyone for the most obvious of reasons.

The agencies took up this, as their new controlling mechanism. With the successful enticement of the powerful and the promotion into positions of power of those who participated in such acts they regained and held their control. Again, they had men and women enslaved by their actions to act as pawns, puppets of these agencies and the man behind the curtain who managed the agencies actions.

Epstein’s allegiance is not to the United States. It is to Israel. He is a cog in a machine that manipulates our movie industry, our news media, our Congress, and so many other elements of our society. His job is to entice men of power to do that which is unacceptable with booze and drugs and young beautiful girls the men and women, so cultured, are willing slaves to the policy of Israel, even beyond their responsibility to their own country. It is not just Americans who fell into Epstein’s trap, but royalty of many other countries, stars, athletes, any who wielded power were enticed.

 Many succumbed, accepting the advances of a girl who was introduced and later disclosed to be seventeen, then, entrapped, the “norm” fell off, as if it no longer mattered, falling deeper and deeper into the web until there was no way out, surrounded by so many others of the same societal influence participating in the same unspeakable actions. There are many other “Epsteins” who are not caught. They hold allegiance to others, Brittan, Saudi Arabia, The United States. The defining difference, sadly, is only that this one got caught. He had believed himself immune from the law.

Jon Benet Ramsey and a million little girls and boys like her are those who are hurt. It is the innocent that are always hurt the most by war, be it cold war or firefight, always it is the innocent, the children, to whom the injustice is the greatest. This is the saddest state of mankind. This is the saddest state of government, this is the saddest state of espionage, when we take success through the abandonment of all else, to find when completed that all else is lost. It is the emptiness in a child’s eyes. That is deeper than death.

Jeffery Epstein will die in prison, or he will be let free to quickly die in some other creative way. It is what he deserves. For those of us who remain, we must ask, is this the kind of espionage that we find acceptable is intelligence so dear, so untouchable, as to be paid for with the souls of children?

Scott Cahill

Author: Scott Cahill

Political blogger, construction expert, writer, public speaker, expert witness, sailor, and pilot

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  3. “But the NSA’s supercomputers could use brute-force methods to decoding ciphers and reduce time-to-decode to several days rather than years by hand.”I think you fundamentally misunderstand how difficult modern ciphers are to break. AES256, for instance, would take _billions_ of years to brute force on current or forseeable hardware.

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