I am Deeply Honored to be Included in those who are Threatened.

I am a writer. I am a supporter of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. This is a veiled threat, forwarded to me through a website located in South Korea. It is intended to silence me. It shall not. It, instead, is motivational. It shows me that the assertions that I address are accurate and that those who wish to damage our republic see me as a threat. I am flattered.

It reads:  “Don’t wear seatbelts, lest you drown in your own urine?” I suppose that it could be just some nut, still, forwarding through a South Korean website is rather sophisticated. Much is not as it seems. Much shall soon come to light.

Scott Cahill

Alex Jones Must Apologize for his “News”


I wrote this article on March 30. 2017. It seems more important today than when it was written:

Alex Jones, of Infowars has issued an apology. He apologizes for remarks that he made about a pedophilia ring, allegedly run from the basement of a pizza shop. If he was wrong in his reporting, an apology is appropriate. If he was not, God help us.

Much of the writing in the early times of our republic was inflammatory and much of it was untrue. Still, it was written and it was left to the populous to sort it out. This is kind of an “American thing”. I get to say what I think. I am not subject to punishment for so doing, and the whole is left to the public.

Now, we see Mr. Jones. Some call him a conspiracy theorist. I suppose that I, too, see inequity, I see oligarchy, I see much that is wrong with our government. Will I be next? Probably not. I am just a small-time writer, who is trying to do what is right. I don’t have to worry, nor do you.

This is not pre-world-war-two Germany, after all. If they destroy Mr. Jones, that is none of my business. I am safe. You are safe. After he is gone, I will be more careful about what I write. Many others will be, too. Eventually, the ones who remain will get their news from the major media, so that they are safe. Everyone should give the “same news” anyway.

Eventually, we will not have to worry about if this statement or that one are correct. We will be fed the same news. It will have been screened by others and approved. Already, our major news outlets coordinate so closely that many of their anchors read the text identically as written by those who hand it down to them. Men like Alex Jones only sow discord in our great republic.

These “Alex Jones types” are just looking under rocks to find a story. They want to “expose” things that are, quite frankly, none of their business. The conflict that they produce, and the negativity that goes along with these unnecessary investigations just frustrates us, and reduces our overall happiness and our productivity for the government.

We need to stop listening to these “conspiracy theorists” and just accept the news that we are given. That will make our lives more pleasant, and will please our leaders.

from Mein Kampf Hitler writes in chapter VI:

(…) The art of propaganda consists precisely in being able to awaken the imagination of the public through an appeal to their feelings, in finding the appropriate psychological form that will arrest the attention and appeal to the hearts of the national masses…..”

As to the methods to be employed, he explains:

“Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side. (…) The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget (…)”

It is easy to see that Alex Jones and all like him are simply mixing up the message that is being so carefully developed by our great leaders. Such needless complication is counter to what is best for us all. We must learn to trust our government, the true leaders. Their will is disseminated only through the mainstream media. We must learn to be good Americans, and accept the information given to us. I suppose that this “internet news” should be illegal. It must be stopped so that people only get “true news”.

People need to learn that it is simply not acceptable to publish news that is unacceptable to our wonderful rulers. When Alex Jones, and all of the others like him just feel that they can say anything that they like and find protection under the Constitution, Americans need to understand that the amendments to the Constitution are not to be interpreted “literally” they, instead, are more of a “conceptual law”.

Some of the things that Alex Jones questions, that you need not think about:

9/11 Conspiracy; Mr Jones, and others who need to be reeducated, actually believe that 9/11 was allowed to happen. They believe that it seems odd that, hours after an act of open war occurred, killing thousands in New York, an airliner, also hijacked, turned and, two hours later, flew into the most heavily protected airspace in the world and crashed into the most highly protected building on earth without challenge, as Rumsfeld was given updates as the plane got closer and closer. They think that it is odd that an airliner, big, heavy, slow, would be able to fly across country while being tracked by A.T.C. and repeated attempts at contact, cross into the Washington Air Defense Identification Zone, Turn at a speed faster than it could fly, and fly around the Pentagon and return, turning 270 degrees and slam into the face of the Pentagon on the far side of its flight path. I suppose that Mr. Jones thinks that Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center a few miles to the south and Andrews Air force Base a few minutes to the north would be firing on it. Perhaps he thinks that the Potomac near Washington is full of missile batteries that are capable of taking out a supersonic cruise missile. (I do.) Does Mr. Jones dare to question our supreme leaders? These conspiracy theorists must be stopped

Oligarchy; Mr. Jones, and others who must be silenced, actually believe that there are powers who have secret societies (like the ones that President Kennedy described in his last speech, seven days before he was murdered) such as the Bilderberg (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Bilderberg conference, Bilderberg meetings or Bilderberg Club is an annual private conference of 120 to 150 people of the European and North American political elite, experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media, established in 1954.[1]) or the Trilateral Commission. Mr. Jones and the others who must withdraw their statements or be punished, have insulted these people by questioning what, exactly, they are discussing at their secret meetings. It is secret, Mr. Jones, do you not understand secret? You and other uninvited media will be given information from those who were invited.

Pizzagate; Now, Mr. Jones and these other traitors have viciously attacked a poor little pizza shop. We all know that there is no human trafficking. It is only a problem in other countries who do not have the protection of the many many police, the F.B.I. the C.I.A. and our grand military. It is deplorable that it is even brought up. On top of that, Mr. Jones dared to question one of our Supreme Leaders.

Our Supreme Leaders; Mr. Jones and others, who should be punished by the state, dared on many occasions to question the honor and loyalty of our grand leaders. America has no place for those who would take it upon themselves to question our Supreme leaders, and any who do so, must be punished.

You might be afraid of what we are becoming. Be not afraid. Your government and the United Nations will care for you as you transition to a better world, a world that has no place for those who would produce confusion and discord like Alex Jones. Soon we will all be brothers, equals in the yoke of our regime.

You need to do nothing. Others are making the plans for you with your best interest in mind. Others are formulating the rules, voting at the U.N. adopting law and changing long-held legality to allow for the control that our great leaders need to keep us safe. Nothing is required of you. Do not call or write your Congressman. He is busy and needs not to deal with your petty concerns. He is being helped to know what you need and he is aware of your concerns and is addressing them.

Government is complex and it is difficult. You would sound stupid if you were to address the Leaders directly. They will accept your compliance as enough. Work hard, pay taxes, and comply. Again I say to you, do nothing. It all is being taken care of by those who know best what you need and what you want.

Alex Jones may not be crushed by a lawsuit, perhaps funded by others. Perhaps he will be stopped. Better still, perhaps he will see the error of his ways and will, at last help those who disseminate only approved news. He would be a wonderful soldier for the New World Order if he will just comply. For your own sake, do not support Mr. Jones. This is not your problem. If he gets out of it ok, if he doesn’t you don’t want to get drawn in by association.

As our friends who told the truth are taken, we must stand firm. It is not us that they are after. Those who questioned must be dealt with and it is none of our business. The best that we may do is to stay productive, do as we are told, and comply. The bad part will be over soon. God bless America.

Scott Cahill