Taking of our Guns, Taking of our Lives.

There is a movement across the United States to register and to take all guns from the citizens. This action has happened before so many times throughout history. Each time it ends in tyranny. Each time it ends in death. Never does a government take arms from law-abiding citizens for safety. Still, always that is the promise “surrender your weapons and we will care for you”. Never are those stripped of their protection cared for. They are sent on cattle cars to detention centers. They are lined up along ditches and shot, their bodies in heaps at the bottom of the mass grave, or they are simply left to slowly starve.
In Virginia and in Ohio the men who we sent to act on our behalf are, instead acting against us. They are moving quickly to take the rights clearly defined in our Constitution. They tell us that “they will care for us”. They will not. As they make their lists of those with guns, those on social media supporting the second amendment, those who speak out, they plan. They plan your future, your death. For, it is death that is your future and there is no other way. If you give a little or a lot, the erosion of rights will never end until your final right is surrendered, your right to life.
To most. it seems improbable that some could be so hard as to kill others in order to steal from them resources. To us it seems unreasonable to think that there are men who would kill women and children for a dollar or a loaf of bread. For us it is impossible to imagine that there exist men who wish to take food from the mouths of the starving for their feast. Still, it is so. To those who think it improbable, look at the reflections of history where you will see again and again the taking by those with much from those with little until, at last those with little have nothing, left begging for bread or life from those with everything.
They cower and walk into cattle cars, to concentration camps. They cower and beg for a handout from those with much. They cower and serve the new elite and do as they are told out of fear. They plead “Please, master a piece of your left-over bread for my children”. and they are answered “I will care for you”.
In the coming world there will be but two classes the upper and the lower. You will be in the lower. The man who now helps to orchestrate these actions will be in the lower. Most will die.
Few will live as servants of the elite. We will work in their factories and on their yachts. We will wash their cars and aircraft and, if told, their feet. Our daughters will be their sex toys, our wives will be theirs at their whim. We will have nothing. No home, no family, no God, no hope. That is the life of a servant. That is the life that a man deserves who had everything, and gave it away for the promise of being cared for.

Scott Cahill

The intracacies of government in one short essay

“Democracies are reflections of the people who they serve”. This statement is primary to the acceptance of the rule of law in a democracy. The existence of society, in fact, is dependent of the acceptance of the rule of law, which is dependent on the governed’s acceptance of said government.

Governments are created to control people. This can yield a utopian result, or it can create a living hell, worse than death. All of the balanced dominos of acceptance by the governed are dependent on the constituent’s willingness to agree with the laws written and the equity of application of these laws.

History teaches us that governments are tenuous structures, structures that must metamorphosize over time to mirror changes in culture. The model of our representative republic allows for such change within the framework of our Constitution.

These rules apply to all of the governments to which we are subject. (local to national, to world) All must attain balance, consensus, if you prefer, or be subject to failure from coordinated actions (rebellion) of the governed.

Men have often, through the course of history, influenced governments for personal gain. This manipulation, and the actions taken to effect the revision of the equity of law, to favor a particular class is the failure mode of every governmental failure.

We are living, now, in an unusual time, when a relative few have acted to develop a plan of manipulation of our government. Many of those who work so very hard at this effort do so believing that they will reap the rewards of a better  World. They will not.

At the head of this great and grotesque snake are very few, a cloistered class of the ultra-rich, who have developed this plan for decades. Those who are the “boots on the ground” will find themselves pawns of the ultra-powerful. They, like us, will be servants under the “New World Order”.

Change is inevitable. Change is good. Often, change is irreversible. When you trade something of great value, be certain that what you are buying is what you truly want.

Scott Cahill