Taking of our Guns, Taking of our Lives.

There is a movement across the United States to register and to take all guns from the citizens. This action has happened before so many times throughout history. Each time it ends in tyranny. Each time it ends in death. Never does a government take arms from law-abiding citizens for safety. Still, always that is the promise “surrender your weapons and we will care for you”. Never are those stripped of their protection cared for. They are sent on cattle cars to detention centers. They are lined up along ditches and shot, their bodies in heaps at the bottom of the mass grave, or they are simply left to slowly starve.
In Virginia and in Ohio the men who we sent to act on our behalf are, instead acting against us. They are moving quickly to take the rights clearly defined in our Constitution. They tell us that “they will care for us”. They will not. As they make their lists of those with guns, those on social media supporting the second amendment, those who speak out, they plan. They plan your future, your death. For, it is death that is your future and there is no other way. If you give a little or a lot, the erosion of rights will never end until your final right is surrendered, your right to life.
To most. it seems improbable that some could be so hard as to kill others in order to steal from them resources. To us it seems unreasonable to think that there are men who would kill women and children for a dollar or a loaf of bread. For us it is impossible to imagine that there exist men who wish to take food from the mouths of the starving for their feast. Still, it is so. To those who think it improbable, look at the reflections of history where you will see again and again the taking by those with much from those with little until, at last those with little have nothing, left begging for bread or life from those with everything.
They cower and walk into cattle cars, to concentration camps. They cower and beg for a handout from those with much. They cower and serve the new elite and do as they are told out of fear. They plead “Please, master a piece of your left-over bread for my children”. and they are answered “I will care for you”.
In the coming world there will be but two classes the upper and the lower. You will be in the lower. The man who now helps to orchestrate these actions will be in the lower. Most will die.
Few will live as servants of the elite. We will work in their factories and on their yachts. We will wash their cars and aircraft and, if told, their feet. Our daughters will be their sex toys, our wives will be theirs at their whim. We will have nothing. No home, no family, no God, no hope. That is the life of a servant. That is the life that a man deserves who had everything, and gave it away for the promise of being cared for.

Scott Cahill

Justice, and other fantasies of contractual law

Justice is expensive. It is slow. It is a crap shoot and nobody knows how it will end.

The process has become so distorted that it often takes years and years to get to court. Clearly, the advantage is in the court of the one who has the money in their account. By the time that it finally is heard, those who were involved have forgotten much about the disputed details.

If you wish to not pay for a service given, here is how it works:

First: Don’t pay them. Lie, tell them that the check is in the mail. Tell them that you are waiting on a payment from which they will be paid. Act like their friends. Be pleasant and nice and tell them that everything will be fine “just trust me”.

Second: When they become upset, stop talking to them. Don’t return their messages, don’t take their calls, don’t answer their Emails. 

Third: When they become inflamed and punitive, have your attorney send them a letter stating that their work is sub-standard and you are shocked to find that the work that you had previously accepted was, actually, of poor quality.

Fourth: Wait. Wait for the people who were in positions of power to go away. Wait for everyone to forget the particulars and to come to “remember” the story that you have told over and over again about how this all came to pass.

Fifth: Postpone. At every turn put off and stall. Time is your friend. It is the enemy of truth.

Sixth: in order to support your false claims against the unpaid, spend some money on similar material or work. Befriend the supplier and, even if you have to damage the work of the unpaid, show the “poor” work of the unpaid to the new “paid” supplier. Now, you have made yourself a “friend” who will testify how he had to “fix” the work of the unpaid. OK now you are ready.

Now you are ready. Think of it as entertainment. You can sit and smile at the unpaid and try to get him to react. You can attack his character. You can question his judgement. You can lie. Lying is perfectly acceptable in court. Everyone does it and the court even expects it so don’t let them down, lie. 

Even if you lose, you have lost nothing, the worst case is that you must pay what you owed. More probably they will settle for a pittance of what is owed – or you might wish to appeal.

When and how did it become so convoluted? How can justice be delivered on  issues that have sat on the court’s docket for many years. It can not.

How did our justice system become so deeply broken that justice itself is but a shadow on the gilded walls of the great courtroom.

With so flawed a system, the tables favor the dishonest and the corrupt. They, and the attorneys, are the only winners in a courtroom. The honorable can only hope to get a bit of what they contracted to receive, and the contract is a worthless piece of waste paper.

From Edgar Lee Masters’  Spoon River anthology:

(Respectfully “lifted” from the “Law and the Humanities” course at the Romatre University)

  “l saw a beautiful woman with bandaged eyes

  Standing on the steps of a marble temple.

  Great multitudes passed in front of her,

  Lifting their faces to her imploringly.

  In her left hand she held a sword.

  She was brandishing the sword,

  Sometimes striking a child, again a laborer,

  Again a slinking woman, again a lunatic.

  In her right hand she held a scale;

  Into the scale pieces of gold were tossed

  By those who dodged the strokes of the sword.

  A man in a black gown read from a manuscript:

  “She is no respecter of persons.”

  Then a youth wearing a red cap

  Leaped to her side and snatched away the bandage.

  And lo, the lashes had been eaten away

  From the oozy eye-lids;

  The eye-balls were seared with a milky mucus;

  The madness of a dying soul

  Was written on her face–

 But the multitude saw why she wore the bandage.”

Justice is no longer the servant of the honorable. She has become the ally of the corrupt and the dishonest.

Can we, as a society, change so flawed and so deeply embedded methodology? Can we ever again have a simple and fair discharge of our judicial process?

Scott Cahill

Little Girls, Beauty Contests, Death and A Failure of Justice

Someone killed a little girl. It was a long time ago and the case was never closed, the perpetrator never found.

JonBenet was a little beauty queen. The entirety of the scene, where little girls wear makeup and gowns, swimsuits, and parade before judges to be assessed is a somewhat disgusting scenario to me. How and why would anyone subject their child to such a situation?

Patsy Ramsey, the mother, was also a beauty queen in her day. Perhaps it is less odd to others. Perhaps the whole thing was “normal” to Patsy.

Many have written about this murder of a little girl. Most did research and interviewed witnesses. I did none of that. I have no idea of who killed this little girl, who would be a twenty six year old lady, if she were alive today.

It is such a superficial scene, such an obvious set of circumstances. Many blame incompetent police work. Many blame the parents, even accuse them.

I wonder, when confronted with information which appears to allow for closure, if there must not be some secondary actions at play – some one, or thing, being protected, or compromised. An “arrangement” that went bad, a frustrated diplomat, who went too far – too important to indict, too connected to reveal – let off into the night for others to tie up the loose ends – of the unthinkable.

I have no earthshaking exposure to shed light on the untimely and horrible loss. I offer only a word of wonder – how such a thing can happen without an offsetting justice. To me, there is no greater innocence than that of a child. Such a loss seems to cry out for equity, yet find none, mired in actions which yield no closure.

When I was young I believed in justice. Now I am old and I see the world with the veil lifted. I wish for that which I believed. I wish for the simple equity that I was assured, but, for me, for us, for JonBenet, it is but a ruse. Failure of justice is hard to look at. Perhaps that is why the lady wears a blindfold.

Scott Cahill

Bernie Sanders is Sometimes Right


I watched a Bernie Sanders speech this morning. In it he discussed the erosion of the middle class in America. He railed against the inequity of the political system and the obvious pay to play that goes on in our government. Truly the rules are written by those who they affect. Truly, the biggest industries control the funding of all of the significant campaigns. We have failed to find honorable and just campaign finance and control.

Mr. Sanders has called himself a socialist. I find that repugnant. Still, I find that, forsaking his methodology, we are in agreement about the inequity of our government to the very constituency that they swore to serve. It is an unsustainable assault on the future of our nation and all of democracy. If America fails, as it seems bound to do, then democracies will fall like dominoes in the wake of our failure. I am certain that he is wrong in his proposed methodology. I am just as sure that the revision to the equity and justice of our society, which he advocates, must occur.

Mr. Sanders says that it is the charge of government to protect society’s weak. He is right. Mr. Sanders says that we, as a nation have the most failed health care system of any developed country and, in fact are the only large developed country that fails to assure health care to all of its citizens. He is correct. Mr. Sanders says that our nation’s laws and tax structure are drafted to benefit the upper classes and damage the middle class and poor. He is right. He claims that large industry in the U.S. do not pay their fair share of taxes. He is right. He claims that the entirety of our government serves a silent and small cloistered oligarchy, who act to protect their wealth and to increase it without care for others. I am afraid that he is right.

Our cities look like third world slums. Their population poor and infested with despair and drugs. Our infrastructure crumbles beneath the wheels of our cars. Our farms collapse, leaving only giant conglomerates to feed us. We are looking over the edge of a precipice. Over the edge there is no light for the middle class, or the lower class. Those who think themselves the controlling class shall find themselves falling, too.

Democracy is based on the belief that all of us are created equal. Where one goes we all go. When one hurts, we all hurt. No one, not even the elite, will survive such a failure. They will find their wealth wiped out, their security lost. Perhaps, it shall be the lower class who suffers the least when, at last, the lights go out.

The unraveling of the failures that have evolved in our short history as a nation will be very difficult. Always it is easier to destroy than to build. Always, it is easier to ignore the difficult tasks and to address simplistic actions. We have allowed ourselves to do so for too long. The time is upon us to act. America will be repaired one item at a time, until campaign finance, tax equity, and the elimination of all monopoly is complete. The middle class must florish and that requires, as Mr. Samders so elequently stated, the equity of compensation returning to our corporations. This is done only by unleashing free enterprise and removing the constraints to allow business and economy to flourish. Mr. Sanders is wrong when he states the government must set wages or prices. This has never worked in any model of government and it never will.

Our Representative Republic with its wonderful free market can only flourish when the “playing field” is level and just. We have allowed the game to be manipulated by the infusion of money into campaigns and false events. We have looked the other way as legislation which effects monopoly have been allowed to evolve and flourish with the support of law. For a pork barrel item, we have ignored poorly written legislation to become law, knowing that it was drafted to give unfair advantage. The ills that Mr. Sanders addresses are the manifestation of a republic which has lost its way. Such a government, which has allowed the erosion of the most basic tenants of its constitution, will surely fail. We cannot go on as we are now going. Our course must change if we are to remain complete and viable as a society and as a governed people under the framework of our now bastardized Constitution.

We saw the fall of Russia, broken and crippled. Today we see the great bear rising again to take its place on the world stage. Now it is the U.S. that is full of unnecessary regulation, corruption of all levels of government, bureaucracy that stalls the development of business. Do we think ourselves immune? We drive debt to ever greater levels and still, we fail to act.

It will take time and difficulty to fix the problems that we have allowed to manifest within our nation. Still, brothers, we must. If we fail, as surely as day follows the night, we will see the day that this great Republic falls from the face of our earth and all of man’s effort toward self-governance will wither into totalitarianism and oligarchy. The only remaining question before us is this; shall our great nation be broken into pieces by our own hand before it is put back together, or will we do what must be done, and address hard issues, to build, again, the greatest nation on the face of the earth?

Scott Cahill